We’re Bringing The Heat


We’re looking out the window and can’t help but think that groundhog is a dirty little liar. So let’s turn up the heat.

This Thursday marks the premiere of our new Heat Series, which explores the distinct type of spice — from smoky sweetness to four-alarm fire — individual peppers impart on beer. 2016 will feature:

  • Oaked Chipotle Ale (in our tasting room Thursday and on shelves by February 22): The smoky spice of whole chipotle peppers meets toasted oak with hints of chicory and roasted malt.
  • Ancho Lime Paradise Lager (on shelves by May 15): Mild earthy spice invigorates a crisp, clean lager that finishes with a refreshing splash of lime. 
  • Carolina Reaper Peach IPA (on shelves by August 15): This recently-deemed “hottest pepper in the world” has a very slight sweetness that is met with fresh peach and bold juicy fruit hops. 
  • Jalapeño White Ale (on shelves by November 15): The fresh heat of the Jalapeño enhances the traditional Belgian wit elements of orange and coriander. 

Most of our brewers are hot heads as well as hop heads, so they wanted to ensure each of the Heat Series beers came to the table with a different sensory experience. Oaked Chipotle Ale has a great savory and smoky quality to it with just the right amount of heat. Like any beer we brew with outside ingredients, it’s all about balance. 

So tell Phil to shove it and make your way out to the brewery for the Heat Series Oaked Chipotle Ale release party on Thursday from 3-8 pm. DC 101’s Roche will be broadcasting live and To Meat or Not To Meat will offer a menu that (you guessed it) appeals to carnivores and vegans alike. 

Tijn de Boer says:

Are these coming anywhere in Europe?

Rohry Flood says:

They are on there way via James Clay Importers.

Scott says:

Wanted to know if the reaper is available in Raleigh NC?

Rohry Flood says:

While that would make a whole lot of sense, it is not to be. It sounds like this is a good excuse to make that pilgrimage to the brewery you have been putting off.

Blake Tylers says:

Is your Carolina reaper peach ipa vegan? I tried finding an ingredient list but could not. Also finding the beer itself in your beer lists was nearly impossible and couldn’t be done through your actual website. Please list all past beers and their ingredients as well to keep your consumers informed. Please let me know what ingredients are in this beer. I know some have honey but I would appreciate knowing for sure. Please let me know as soon as possible thank you!

Rohry Flood says:

Our Carolina Reaper Peach IPA is vegan as are all of our beers with the exception of Pearl Necklace and our upcoming Brewhouse Rarities Bee Beer, which is brewed with buckwheat honey and bee pollen.

Shirley Brewer says:

How long will the ancho lime be available, my store ran out last week and they don’t know if they’re getting more.

Rohry Flood says:

Hey Shirley, we bundled up the last of the Ancho Lime and sent it to the market earlier this year. At this point the best bet is to put on your adventure hat, type in your zip code and see if you can’t track any more down here: http://flyingdogbrewery.com/beer-finder/ Best of luck!

Edward Smith says:

Currently trying the Carolina Reaper, amazing brew! I wasn’t huge on most of the other brews…but I’m excited for the Jalapeno White Ale!

Rachel says:

Will the Carolina Reaper Peach IPA or any of the series be released again? Didn’t hear about this until the first 3 were gone and really wanting to try the reaper.

Rohry Flood says:

Hey Rachel, we won’t be releasing this 2016 Heat Series again any time soon, but we will continue to bring the heat in 2017. Stay tuned for big announcements after the ball drops.

Todd says:

Love the idea of a heat series, and the ancho lime was one of my all-time favorite beers. Looking forward to next years entries

Jack says:

Make Carolina Reaper Year Round! The best beer I have ever had. I will single handedly make it profitable!!!

Rohry Flood says:

That’s a tall order. The only kind we like.

Faustin Hoover says:

Jalapeño white ale was awesome cant wait to try the rest! Keep up the good work and great beers!

Rohry Flood says:

And a Merry Christmas to you. Spread the word and stock and we’ll keep brewing.

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