The Session #11: Doppelbocks

The SessionAnother month has passed and it is time for The Session once again. This month’s topic is Doppelbocks and we have a pretty unique one to throw into the discussion. It is rare that home brewer’s get a chance to influence the outcome of a commercial brew but with our Open Source Beer Project that is exactly what Flying Dog did in Fall of 2007.

Wild Dog CollaboratorWild Dog Collaborator Doppelbock gave amateur brewers a chance to give our brewing team recommendations and feedback on the everything from the grain, hops and yeast to the brewing process itself. We combined their feedback to create a unique Doppelbock recipe.

Collaborator has a full body with a sweet malt profile and a slight roast character. The complete recipe and printable labels are available for download at http://www.opensourcebeerproject.com/.

Alcohol by Volume: 8.3%, Plato: 19.5, IBUs: 24
Specialty Malts: Munich “Type I” 2240 75, Munich “Type II 550 19, Cara-Munich 55 2, Cara-Amber 55 2, Melanoidin 55 2
Hops: Warrior, Mt. Hood

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