The Best Feedback Ever (And It’s From a 9 Year Old)

Dogs can’t fly, and yet our name is Flying Dog. Cats can’t swim, so why don’t we make a beer called Swimming Cat?

You raise an excellent point, young Jackson. And in doing so, you gave us the most (*earmuffs* KICK-ASS *earmuffs off*) really great feedback we’ve ever received:

Swimming Cat

This kid will one day be king of the marketing world. Seriously.

Starderup says:

No pressure!!!
Haha, this kid must be a hoot to be around.

Lost says:

This made my day. Hilarious. Props to dad for letting Jackson write in. Love the picture of the cat.

I FULLY expect that you folks are working on plans to brew Swimming Cat Ale. My wife and I both agree that you need to print the label of said beer with this letter on the back and the awesome drawing of a swimming cat on the front.


I want to hang out with this kid!!! Freakin’ HILARIOUS! I – NO – “My DAD” drinks your beer…

Jackson, you are the next Gonzo and I salute you!

thepittman says:

I await my first taste of swimming cat.

Cat beers are SORELY under-represented! This would be excellent.

And Jackson is the coolest kid ever.

DC Grrl says:

I love it, Jackson. The illustration is wonderful!

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