Summer Rental

“OK! OK! I know I look like a fish. I talk like a fish, but forget it! I don’t feel like a fish anymore, things have moved on. I’m a laboratory failure. That’s evolution, Honey! It’s over – find someone else.”
– Ralph Steadman

Speaking of evolution, Summer Rental is the sixth beer to graduate from Brewhouse Rarity to a standard release in our seasonal portfolio. You may remember last summer’s Brewhouse Rarities Hibiscus Grapefruit Radler as one of the few good things to happen in 2016. Need a refresher? 

Radler, German for cyclist, was born of necessity. In the roaring ’20s when biking and drinking was all the rage, an entrepreneurial innkeeper built a trail from nearby Munich to his establishment. One fine day, he found himself with more bikers than beer, roughly 13,000 to be exact. To keep his customers happy and with beer in hand, he stretched out his supply by making a 50/50 mix of beer and lemon soda.

We opted for a light lager brewed with grapefruit and passionfruit to create this refreshing, very low (4.5%) ABV offering. Slightly sweet and slightly tart with a crisp dry finish, this beer is a perfect starting point for any holdouts who have been waiting for the right beverage to get them into craft beer. For the seasoned experts, Summer Rental is begging for the cocktail treatment. Start by adding a shot of a boldy botanical gin for a quick and delicious gin radler.

Consider this Summer Rental’s RSVP to every pool party, cookout, family reunion, fireworks display, baseball game, boat trip, crab feast and game of beach blanket Bingo you’re hosting this summer. And don’t forget to save room in the rooftop cargo carrier for a couple cases before you hit the road to your summer vacation destination. It can be found everywhere Flying Dog is sold.*

*Jimmy Buffett anthology sold separate

Patrick luckey says:

Visited brewery Saturday great day looking coming back in future

Eddie Velez says:

While looking for some summer beers to drink, I stumbled across your “summer rental”. I LOVE IT. The only problem is that I cant seem to find it. I bought a six pack of the summer rental and a six pack of numero uno. Both are good but the summer rental is what I’m hooked on now. I’m a philly cop and love to sit in my yard with the boys and “taste” beers. I’m a big fan of the summer beers and love trying all the craft beers. Again I just wanted to tell you guys that you have a good product. My mission this weekend is to drive to a few spots in philly and jersey and buy a few cases before i leave on vacation and to stock my fridge.

Rohry Flood says:

Our Beer Finder get’s better mpg than a Prius if you want to start here: http://flyingdogbrewery.com/beer-finder/

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