Ralph Steadman Art

As many of you know, Ralph Steadman illustrates our packaging. What you might NOT know is how unbelievably vast Ralph’s collection of art is.

A few months back, after a speaking engagement here in Denver, Ralph was kind enough to give us a disc with many of his best pieces on it. So, here is a video showing off some of our favorites. You can also log on to our Flickr page to see more of Ralph’s work.

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Tesco Vee says:

People! My name is Tesco Vee and I play in a GONZO punk band called the Meatmen..I am drinking your Flying Dog variety packs,because 1)Obviously it is the finest beer on the planet!, and 2)I am convinced your Porter is brewed by Beelzebub himself in large copper coffins(this is a good thing)just for me! I am going on a nationwide tour in 2008 and playing the South By Southwest music conference next month and will be spreading the word about your heavenly froth! My wife(the former Beth Varner) grew up a few doors down from George Stranahan and hung out with his kids ‘Happy’ and PJ..fancy that… that our fave beer is a creation of him! Keep up the good work and we will continue consuming it!

Tesco Vee
The Meatmen
Box 26112
Lansing,MI 48909

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Amanda says:

I would love to purchase a print of the artwork for The Truth. Is it even available for sale? I want to gift this to my husband for Christmas this year.

Thank you!

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