The Pumpkin Spice Challenge

Even if you haven’t strayed from your shopping list in recent visits to your grocer, it would still be virtually impossible not to see the influx of pumpkin-spice everything on the shelves. During a recent decorative gourd supply run, an idea to attempt pairing all things pumpkin spice with our pumpkin beers was born. Never one to half-ass it, our Brewery Evangelist decided to put on his big-boy pants and see if he really could consume all the pumpkin spice. The result, much like a Vice-presidential debate, is that there is no clear winner. See how far into the video you can make it. 

This is the part where we are supposed to tell you not to try this at home. 
Do not send us videos of you attempting the Pumpkin Spice Challenge. 
Do not upload videos and tag us and use the hashtag #PumpkinSpiceChallenge.

You can also journey with us into the mind of a maniac by listening to these Pumpkin Spice Challenge outtakes.

Pumpkin Spice Challenge.

Breakfast Anyone? 

In The Best Way Possible. 

Ever Been Filmed Eating? 

Stranger Things 

Wash It Down 

Ice Cream 

Ice Cream 2 

A Little Rich 

With All The Bad Things Going On 

Pretty Pumpkiny 

Got Questions? 

There Goes The Twinkie 

Nice Weather 

That’s It Folks 

Sugar High 

Keys To The Game

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