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Past Podcasts

S01 E08: The Land of Pleasant Valley Hops
This week we had a very special guest in house, Vinnie Brown aka Vin Rock of Naughty By Nature. We’re talking venues, Grammys, green rooms, the best parties and the state of Hip Hop. Can’t get enough? Doors open at 5:30pm tonight for the final Summer Sessions concert of the summer.

S01 E07: The Land of Pleasant Valley Hops
Dan Carroll of Pleasant Valley Hops and Flying Dog Brewmaster Ben Clark finished up the hop harvest at the brewery and stuck around for a beer and a chat about the hop farming business from starting out to going pro. There’s a healthy amount of discussion on beer and as always, the Tom-Barse-mentions counter is running.

S01 E06: Beer Agriculture in the Mid-Atlantic
Bryan Butler, University of Maryland’s Extension Agent for Agriculture and Food Systems, and Matt Brophy, COO at Flying Dog, join us to talk about our hop production initiative partnership with University of Maryland’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

S01 E05: Working The Water:
Jay Fleming, photographer and defender of the Chesapeake Bay, talks about his lifelong passion for photography, growing up on the water and turning his lens to the people who make their living on the water.

S01 E04: Committing Treason:
This week, Aaron and Jason, co-founders of Treason Toting Company talk about getting their start, carrying their stories, and our new merchandise collaboration. Also discussed, tater tots, hangovers and following your passion.

S01 E03: Roseda Beef, It’s what’s for dinner:
A look at our new podcast, Head Retention Radio. This week, Ed Burchell, owner of Baltimore’s own Roseda Beef, stops by to talk beef, beer, Baltimore and our partnership. Just in time for Memorial Day weekend. Get your grill on.

S01 E02: Skate Everything
This week we talk to Josh Dunn head of Community and Customer Relations at Bustin’ Boards about our latest collaboration, the Flying Dog Modela, a versatile board for the ollies you need to pop, but also to push down to your local watering hole. Remember, if you’re not falling, you’re not learning. Head Retention Radio S01 E02

S01 E01: Craft Beer is a Family Affair
Larry Pomerantz of Vanish Farmwoods Brewing and Keith Kohrs of Waredace Brewing Co. join host Ben Savage on the inaugural episode of Head Retention to talk about Family Tree, the commemorative beer from the 2017 Craft Brewers Conference in DC that was brewed by Vanish, Waredaca, DC Brau, Manor Hill and yours truly. Head Retention Radio S01 E01

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