Flying Dog University

Higher Beer Education

Craft beer is a movement of equal parts tradition and innovation. And the movement isn’t slowing down, making a commitment to ongoing education paramount for anyone with a true respect and appreciation for the craft. 

Enter Flying Dog University: A first-of-its-kind beer education program at Flying Dog Brewery.


Featured Class

Beer Geek Tours

Geek out on an in-depth look at the brewing process, fermentation, yeast management, quality control and packaging that will end with a tasting of new releases, pilot batches and vintage beers. 

Beer Geek Tours are held on the first Sunday of every month at 12 pm and 3 pm, and are by reservation only. Upcoming dates include:

A prerequisite to this tour is a standard tour of Flying Dog Brewery or general knowledge of the brewing process. (Head over here to make a reservation for our public brewery tour.)

Core Curriculum

Want to get back to basics? Begin your journey with a three-week exploration of how beer is made, how we experience beer and how beer interacts with food. Flying Dog University’s core curriculum classes are held in our brewery classroom: 

  • Beer 101: The Foundation of Beer – NEW DATES COMING SOON – A rigorous exploration of the history of beer, the brewing process and the four ingredients in beer. 
  • Beer 201: Essentials of the Craft Beer Revolution – NEW DATES COMING SOON – An in-depth look at how advanced brewing processes, like dry hopping and using unique ingredients, affect the end beer.
  • Beer 301: Sensory Overload – Saturday March 3 – A breakdown of how beer interacts with food by comparing beer and wine and reviewing tips on pairing beer with food, storing and aging beer and cooking with beer.  


Cooking with Beer: Friday, March 23

Cooking with beer is a natural progression from drinking while cooking, so let’s dig in and dive into beer as an ingredient. Flying Dog University has teamed up with The Kitchen Studio on a hands-on class where students will learn the dynamics of cooking with a variety of beer styles. The class includes five courses made with beer and concludes with a sit-down, family-style dinner. We’ll bring the beer and you’ll take home the recipes so you can do it all over again. Held at The Kitchen Studio Cooking School in Frederick, MD. 

Beer and Truffles for Two: Saturday, February 17

Beer and chocolate is a pairing made for craft beer lovers. You’ll be guided through a tasting of Flying Dog beers and truffles by Randy Olmstead, master chocolatier and owner of The Perfect Truffle and learn the parallels between the two crafts. This class will cover the history of the cacao bean, different varieties of chocolate, how chocolate is made and how it can be used as the backbone of desserts and even savory foods.

FDU Brew Day: Sunday, February 18

Flying Dog University presents its first brew day where you will learn how beer is made – from mill-in to yeast pitch. This 5-hour class will include a hands-on approach with demonstrations and tasting incorporated at every stage of the process. Held at The Flying Barrel Homebrew Supply Shop in Frederick, MD. 

Pairing Beer and Cheese: Friday, February 23 (SOLD OUT)

Sharon G. Crisafulli, owner of Crisafulli’s Cheese Shop, will bring the parallels of beer and cheese-making to light while showing you how to create better beer and cheese pairings. This class will get into the details of what seven animals make milk that can end up as cheese, how cheese was discovered and how it evolved with civilization, and cheese making and aging techniques.

All About Real Ale: Saturday, February 24

Flying Dog University’s Real Ale class will teach you the fundamentals of unfiltered, naturally carbonated beer. Learn the art of making delicious cask beer as well as the history behind it. The class will get to make their own firkin and will be welcomed back with open arms once it’s ready to enjoy in our tasting room.

Cooking for Beer Brunch: Sunday, February 25

Beer before noon isn’t just a faded memory of days gone by. Get back to your glory days with a cooking class dedicated to the most important meal of the week: Brunch. The menu will be unveiled later this week, but if it’s anything like the brioche donut holes with a Gonzo chocolate dipping sauce, this class will change the very fabric of your universe.

All About Pickling: Friday, March 2

We love local, so partnering with Sweet Farm Sauerkraut was a no-brainer. Students will learn the parallels between brewing and pickling as well as why pickling has become one of today’s hottest luxuries. There will also be a sauerkraut-making demo, take-home recipes and a guided beer and pickled foods tasting. Let’s get pickled.

Pairing Beer and Hot Sauce: Friday, March 9

Just like the American craft beer industry our nation’s hot sauce producers are all about small batches and private labels. We partnered up with VooDoo Chili of Leeseburg, Virginia to flaunt the parallels that world class beer and premium hot sauce share. The course includes a flight of beers paired with four different hot sauces.

All About Yeast: Friday, March 16

FDU is proud to present our first All About Yeast class taught by Flying Dog Director of Quality Cooper Asay. Learn how this single celled organism is responsible for making beer and how it also contributes to the sensory characteristics in your glass. This class will feature custom beers brewed specifically to demonstrate what you’ll be learning in this class.

All About Water: Saturday, March 24

Professor Garth Patterson from Mount St. Mary’s will guide students on a two hour journey of the importance of water in beer. Dive into the science behind the base ingredient in your favorite craft beer.

Greatest Hits Tasting: Friday, March 30

‘Cause they’re the three best friends anyone could have, Crisafulli’s Cheese Shop, Meatcrafters and The Perfect Truffle are stopping by for a pairing of the best of the best. Learn about how each is made while trying them alongside your favorite Flying Dog beers.


The finest print: Each Flying Dog University course ends with a tasting of Flying Dog beers. All attendees must be 21 or older. All sales are final and classes are non-transferrable or refundable.