Introducing Numero Uno Summer Cerveza

Numero Uno

No requiere playa. That’s right; no beach required. 

Introducing Numero Uno Summer Cerveza, our just-released summer seasonal that begs for warm temps and long nights. Originally released as Agave Cerveza in the summer of 2014 as part of our Brewhouse Rarities program, it’s the artisanal answer to the easy-drinking, south-of-the-border slammers the younger versions of ourselves knew and loved.

Flaked maize makes up one third of the malt bill and highlights the distinctive corn and cracker flavor traditionally found in Mexican lagers. Agave is added at the end of the boil and the lime peel post-fermentation to impart a distinct, zesty character and a crisp, clean finish. Your new Summer Cerveza clocks in at 4.9% ABV.

Numero Uno is available now in all markets where Flying Dog is sold. To track some down near you, consult our Beer Finder.  

Keith R. says:

Normally I’m an IPA drinker but every once in awhile I get the taste for something light. I went out today thinking Corona but my retailer suggested Flying Dog Numero Uno. Man, I’m so glad I tried this beer. It’s delicious and zesty. I could easily see this beer as my go to beer when I’m looking for something not so heavy. I’m going to share some with my neighbor and get him in on the goodness. Thanks Flying Dog, well done!

JohnM says:

This beer is amazing. Right up my alley. I got one as part of a pick your own 6 pack and, honestly, I wish I would have just picked 6 of these. Phenomenal beer and I wish I had one right now. I’m not a big IPA fan as I like a beer that is easy to drink and easy to drink a lot of- I could sip on this beer all day. Job well done!!

Mike H. says:

This beer is crazy good, drinking this by the pool or beach is better than Corona.

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