Food Pairings for Twitter Taste Live

We’re really excited to be taking part in the next Twitter Taste Live event on April 18.

Not familiar with Twitter Taste Live?  That’s ok, we’re learning too.  Our most recent newsletter does a good job of explaining it, but the simple explanation is that’s Twitter Taste Live an online beer sampling forum using Twitter as a means for sharing tasting notes and asking questions.

Our VP of Brewing Ops, Matt Brophy (@brophybrewer) and Flying Dog CEO, Jim Caruso (@jcperro) will be hosting a special Twitter Taste Live on Saturday, April 18th at 8PM (EST) and will answer questions about our Canis Major Series of beers or just Flying Dog in general.

If you’re interested in joining us online, log on to TwitterTasteLive.com and get signed up.  It will be great opportunity to get those burning beer questions answered by the people that brew Flying Dog.

One of the common questions we get is, “What food should I pair with this beer?”  Here are a few ideas of which foods we like to pair with each of our Canis Major styles. We encourage you to have some of these on hand and share your thoughts at the Flying Dog Twitter Taste Live.

Double Dog Double Pale Ale – smoked meats and cheddar cheese

Gonzo Imperial Porter – BBQ and chocolate desserts

Horn Dog Barley Wine – dried fruits and sweet desserts

Kerberos Tripel – Turkey or other poultry, creamy cheeses, fruit pastries

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