Hey!  What's up with the French title?  Well, first off today is Bastille Day.  Though the storming of the Bastille prison on July 14, 1789 was a day of violence that kicked off the French Revolution, which ushered in the Reign of Terror, a period of seemingly infinite repression and remorseless bloodshed, which was not so poetic as most history books make it out to be, it was also the event which led to the creation of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen that established that "men are born free and remain free and equal in rights".  That is something to be celebrated.

The French title of this blog also leads to a shout-out for a couple of stellar artisans.  

Wade and Danielle Papin, the owners of Vancouver-based Pyrrha, are artisanal metalsmiths who have been practicing their craft for more than 20 years.  One of their lines of jewelry is based on antique heraldic wax seals that incorporate the cracks and flaws from the original fragile wax.  

Pyrrha's mission and values are inspirational.  A sentence from their mission statement reads:  "We don't believe in the idea of perfection; while attractive as a concept, in reality it breaks down.  Instead, we believe in personal significance.  Instead of trying to hide our flaws, we embrace them and make them central to our character."


Pyrrha's KNOWLEDGE talisman is created from the seal of an Ouroboros serpent, an ancient symbol depicting a dragon or serpent eating its own tail, surrounded by the phrase La fin depend du commencementi.e., "The end depends on the beginning."   In a sense, "As You Sow, so Shall You Reap."

Success in life greatly depends on how you prepare yourself to be successful and that preparation must include a passionate dedication to the pursuit of knowledge.  The acquisition of knowledge is one of the seeds that successful people sow.  The Ouroboros serpent symbolizes the perpetual nature of education.

Pyrrha Knowledge

Knowledge is liberating!

To liberty!

Jim Caruso