Daredevil Tattoo, founded in 1997, has been listed as the "Best Tattoo Shop" in New York City by  Time Out, The Village Voice and The Gothamist.  Daredevil has been featured in every tattoo publication and is regularly profiled in the media.

Prior to 1997, however, if Daredevil co-founders Brad Fink and Michelle Myles were caught practicing their art in New York City, they would have been committing a crime because in 1961 New York City declared it "unlawful to tattoo another human being" and the tattoo trade wasn't re-legalized until 1997 under Mayor Rudy Giuliani's administration.

Banning tattoo shops in New York City is yet another classic case of government regulators and bureaucrats enacting laws against something that they personally don't like.  And for more than 30 years New York courts supported their ludicrous argument that "the decoration, so-called, of the human body by tattoo designs is, in our culture, a barbaric survival, often associated with a morbid or abnormal personality" and that only a total ban on tattoo shops would save the citizenry of New York City.  Thanks to Reason Magazine for being the inspiration for this blog post.

Brad Fink's artistry:

Brad Fink - Daredevil

Michelle Myles's artistry:

Michelle Myles

There are still officials in some communities who want to ban or prohibit tattoo shops, such as in the recent outrageous case of bureaucrats in Tempe, AZ attempting to ban Tom and Elizabeth Preston from opening Body Accents and in the process almost bankrupting them.  The great news is that lawsuits against self-righteous, squeamish, prejudiced officials in communities like Tempe are now being won on the grounds that tattooing is an art form and that tattoo artists are engaged in the venerable act of free expression, as protected by the First Amendment.

The battle continues against bureaucrats and regulators who want to police our bodies and impose their personal beliefs on others.

Megan Fox Tattoo

"If I ever lose a role because of my tattoos, I'll quit Hollywood and go to work for Costco."  ~ Megan Fox


Jim Caruso