Brewery Tour Update

We’ve heard a lot of buzz around our brewery tours, so we wanted to give the People’s Republic of Flying Dog an update.

Our hope is to resume tours of the brewery in August 2011.

Maryland laws limit brewery tour participants to one 6-ounce sample of beer after participating in a guided tour. Our tour participants feel that a quintessential element of touring a brewery is being able to sample and learn about more than one beer.

We are working to change that law during the next state legislative session. If our changes pass, they will be made effective by July 2011.

A lot of you have asked if there is anything you can do to help change the law. While we appreciate the support, there isn’t anything you can do at this time. There is a certain process we must follow to pursue this type of change. We trust that process and are confident that we will meet little (if any) resistance along our way.

“Good People Drink Good Beer” in the great State of Maryland. Our simple goal is to update the state laws and make them a little more brewery-friendly.

Good Burp says:

I think you should pack up and move to the West Side. Like Phoenix. LA it too crowded and the traffic sucks!

You know what, I will even come work for you. How about that!

J. says:

They already moved from the “west side” to MD, why would they move all the way back? Further back, for that matter.

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