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Flying Dog University, a first-of-its-kind beer education program, is back in session this fall. As requested in last semester’s evaluations, none of our courses will require or allow the use of common core mathematics.

The course calendar will include old favorites as well as numerous electives if you’re looking to boost your GPA (General Perception of Ales). We recommend starting with our core curriculum: Beer 101 – 301. Beer 101: Craft Beer Basics, is a rigorous exploration of the history of beer, the brewing process and the four ingredients in beer. This course is great for beginners and anyone interested in a refresher. Our Advanced Brewing Techniques class, Beer 201, is an in-depth look at brewing processes like dry hopping and using unique ingredients, and how these affect the end beer.Beer 301: Beer and Food, is a breakdown of how beer interacts with food by comparing beer and wine and reviewing tips on pairing beer with food, storing and aging beer and cooking with beer. Depending on your skill level you can sign up for all three or pick and choose.

Our electives run the gamut of all that we love about the craft beer community. Each course is co-taught by local artisans who share their story and their craft alongside of ours.

If you want an in-depth look at our brewery, sign up for one of our Beer Geek Tours scheduled for the first Sunday of each month. A previous brewery tour (of our own or someone else’s) or a working knowledge of the brewing process is recommended because we get down and dirty in this behind-the-scenes exploration of why we do what we do. Each Beer Geek Tour ends with a tasting of new releases, pilot batches and vintage beers you can’t get anywhere else.

Whether you’ve been part of the craft movement since day one or you just picked up your first sixer of Raging Bitch yesterday, we have the class for you. Make your commitment to craft today:

The finest print: Each Flying Dog University course ends with a tasting of Flying Dog beers. All attendees must be 21 or older. All sales are final and classes are non-transferrable or refundable. 




Ralph Steadman is coming to America. A Retrospective – Ralph Steadman, a massive collection of over 60 years of Ralph’s work, opens tonight at the Society of Illustrators in New York and will be on display until October 22.


Ralph’s incredible range is out in full force: His early political cartoons (most still socially relevant today), his lauded work with Hunter S. Thompson, his children’s books and everything in between. This collection is one of the largest exhibitions of his work ever and the first time the Society of Illustrators has dedicated the entire gallery to one artist.


We got a sneak preview last night. While we’ve been working with Ralph since 1995, we will never outgrow our awe of his depth, relevance, and (of course) his weirrd. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take it all in at once. 


See how deep the rabbit hole goes with an incredible schedule of collaborative events and programs centered around the exhibit:



Watershed Small

The craft beer community is exactly that: A community that takes care of its own. When flooding in late July devastated Ellicott City – a haven for artisans and independent businesses – two Maryland breweries knew we could help.

Alongside Jailbreak Brewing Company, we will release Watershed Moment Belgian IPA this week with 100 percent of the profits benefiting flood relief for Ellicott City. The beer will premiere on Friday, September 9 at both Judge’s Bench and The Wine Bin in downtown Ellicott City.

The beer itself is a hybrid of Jailbreak’s Poor Righteous IPA and our Raging Bitch Belgian-Style IPA. The malt bill is from Poor Righteous, the hops are a blend of those used in both beers and the yeast is the El Diablo Belgian strain used in Raging Bitch.

Watershed Moment will be available on draft and in cans exclusively in the Howard County and Baltimore area markets for a limited time. Bond Distributing and Hub Labels also contributed to the project, and a donation to the Ellicott City Partnership will also be made in their names.



Pumpkin Beer-5

If you’re on that complaining-about-pumpkin-flavored-everything bandwagon, enjoy that ride. And no need to read any further.

Now that those guys are gone, we’d like to introduce you to our newest collaboration: A 72% dark chocolate bar with sea salt & PUMPKIN IPA. That’s right, those beautiful Count Choculas over at Salazon Chocolate Co. share our obsession with The Gourd Standard Pumpkin IPA. The bar is made with German nobel hops and the custom pumpkin spice blend we use in the beer. Plus, Salazon Chocolate’s notorious sea salt is infused with the beer itself. 

Hear us talk more about it here:

Before you #RaiseTheBar, peruse our FAQs: 

Is this chocolate considered to be an aphrodisiac?
According to the tests we ran at the brewery, yes. According to science, probably not.

I’m allergic to hops, should I avoid this?
You poor son of a bitch. Yes, you should avoid this delicacy.

Where can I get it?
Stop by the brewery, The Market Tavern in Sykesville or anyone one of these fine retail locations. If you prefer to shop from the comfort of your favorite chair, you can also order it the old fashioned way, on the interwebs.



Now that the 2016 Rio Olympics are on the books, we wanted to take a look back out our favorite 10 moments. Because let’s be real: Beers were drank and at least one U-S-A chant broke out in front of the TV every 10 minutes or so. And then we had more beers.

10. When we got The Full Mongolian. After an unfavorable call, Team Mongolia’s coaches stripped in protest. 

9. When we met #RobelTheWhale. And found out that body shaming was one of those things the whole world has in common.


8. When a greased-up guy twerked for Tonga. And proved that the real winner of the Opening Ceremony was that little map in the corner re-teaching us all 10th grade geography. 

Tonga Man

7. When the Crimson Wave hit the pool. We continue to give mad props to Fu Yuanhui for keeping it real. 

6. When Team Photoshop also won gold. Ellen, we love you. 


5. That time Yohan Diniz shouldn’t have had a more balanced breakfast. We’ve said it before, the Walker Breakfast Ranger from Sheetz is never a good idea.

2016 Rio Olympics - Athletics - Final - Men's 50km Race Walk - Pontal - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 19/08/2016. Yohann Diniz (FRA) of France competes.  REUTERS/Damir Sagolj    FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS.

4. When the paramedics dropped the ball. Samir Aït Saïd wasn’t supposed to literally break a leg. And the paramedics weren’t supposed to then drop him. 

Samir Aït Saïd

3. When the Fiancé of Former Miss California won some medalsAnd proved that some headline writers need to lay off the machismo sauce. 


2. When Ryan Lochte made us proud. And proved that shit could get worse than his green hair. 

1. When Maryland flexed. Take that Alabama. 

Final Rio Medal Count 




You know how sometimes you hear about something for the first time and you hate yourself for not having discovered said thing sooner? We just discovered one such gem: An electric violinist rocking out to The Presidents of the United States of America. “Peaches,” of course. We couldn’t keep this one to ourselves, so we are sharing it with the world this Friday for our brewery release of Heat Series Carolina Reaper Peach IPA and Brewhouse Rarities White Peach Saison.

If the marketing minds of Erin and Nate had it any other way, they’d drink peaches every day. Their Brewhouse Rarities pitch for a White Peach Saison was based on their well-shared love of saisons…and involved entrance music. (We’ll let you guess the song.) For this late-summer release, they thought delicate white peach would lend a beautiful nuance to a the chewy wheat and peppery spice of a French Saison. The candy-sweet character of El Dorado hops added a modern twist to the beer, which is already high on our crushability scale. 

With a few Heat Series releases under our belt, we thought it was time to turn it up…a few million Scoville units. We go pretty hard in the paint and didn’t want anyone to accuse of half-assery, so we linked up with Puckerbutt Pepper Company’s Smokin’ Ed Currie and the world’s hottest pepper. Prior to the cross-breeding of the Carolina Reaper, the hottest pepper came in at 1.5 million SHU (Scoville Heat Units). After Carolina Reaper was introduced, it jumped up to 2.2 million SHU. This beer’s sweet peach and juicy hops hit you first and then the Reaper chews you up and spits you out. One to fear, for sure.

If you aren’t sold on these beers, here is one last ditch effort to convince you to embrace the peach:

1. The first basketball game ever played used peach baskets as hoops. 
2. Peach is an excellent choice for a driver in MarioKart, if you want to get passed by Yoshi.
3. Nicolas Cage loves peach.

See you Friday, August 12 from 3-8 pm. If you can’t make it out to the brewery, use our handy-dandy Beer Finder and track down Flying Dog near you.





Oyster Games Facebook

Let Team USA put their athletic prowess to the test…while you drink beer and eat oysters. We’ve partnered with area restaurants that participate in the Oyster Recovery Partnership’s Shell Recycling Alliance for 17 days of Flying Dog beer and oyster specials. Each order gets you a commemorative pint glass with proceeds supporting oyster restoration in the Chesapeake Bay.

For every dozen oysters consumed, 200 baby oysters will be planted back in the Bay, so let the games begin.




Washington, DC

Columbia: Victoria Gastropub

Westminster: Maggie’s

Millersville: Hellas Restaurant and Lounge

Grasonville: Harris Crab House

Ocean City: Harrison’s Harbor Watch




Ellicott City will get by with a little help from its friends.

On Saturday night, more than six inches of rain fell in less than two hours, causing a flash flood that ripped through the historic district. While the city is under a state of emergency (and not able to accept volunteers right now), we have other ways for you to help. 

On Wednesday, August 3The Alehouse Columbia is hosting a fundraiser to benefit the Ellicott City Historic District Partnership. Proceeds from both Flying Dog and Oliver Brewing Co. pints will go directly to the cause. 

We’re also heading to White Oak Tavern on Sunday, August 7  for live music, beer and food, and proceeds from those last two will be donated to the Ellicott City Historic District Partnership. 

Meanwhile at the brewery, proceeds from beer sales in our tasting room all weekend long will be donated to the Ellicott City Historic District Partnership. And our amazing beer stewards are keeping the homebrewing dream alive by donating all of this weekend’s tips to getting Nepenthe Homebrew back on their feet. We’re open Thursday and Friday 3-8 pm, Saturday 12-8 pm and Sunday 12-6 pm. 

Can’t make it out? Go to to donate and stay updated. 




Welcome to Summer Sessions. We’re looking forward to having you here at the brewery, drinking good beer, catching an amazing live show and enjoying a life-changing experience. With all that in mind, we anticipated your questions and have provided you with our best answers.

Q. Mom says she has to cut my hair before she lets me out of the house. What is the timeline for Saturday?
A. Is she still just putting the bowl over your head and cutting along the line? That’s rough. Get here right when doors open and we’ll see if we can help. Here is schedule of events:


  • 5:00 pm Doors Open
  • 6:00 pm GALACTIC takes the stage

Q. I plan on having more than two drinks at this shindig, but I need to eat so I don’t miss the end of the show again. What is the food situation?
A. A good base and the constant addition of food based calories is also on our to do list for the day. We don’t want any impromptu verses of Temple of The Dog’s Hunger Strike ruining the show so we asked some of our food truck friends to join the party including:

Q. If the tasting room isn’t open during the show, how are we supposed to get beer?
A. We bring the beer to you of course. What kind of sick brewery invites 1,200 friends over and doesn’t serve beer? Here is what we are hawking on the lawn:

  • Draft: Dead Rise OLD BAY Summer Ale, Raging Bitch Belgian-Style IPA, Doggie Style Pale Ale, Fever Dream Mango Habanero IPA, Sawbones Ginger Table Beer, Heat Series Ancho Lime Paradise Lager
  • Cans: Easy IPA, Bloodline Blood Orange Ale, Snake Dog IPA, Numero Uno Agave Cerveza
  • FirkinsSnake Dog with extra columbus hops, Doggie Style Pale Ale with lemon, ginger and cardamon, Bloodline with cocoa and vanilla

Q. Someone super soaked me last time I tried to light up at the brewery. Are you making a smoking exception for this event?
A. To preserve the quality of your sensory experience, the event is smoke-free and there is no re-entry once you’re inside of our magical gates. You leave the smokes and vapes at home and we’ll leave the Super Soakers at home.

Q. My dog Beethoven loves Galactic and People’s Blues even more than me. Can he come to the show?
A. Charles Grodin is that you again? You know the deal, no pooches at Summer Sessions. We only have enough space to accommodate the beer drinking humans that will be on the lawn.

Q. My great aunt hand made me an afghan that I take to every show. Will there be a spot for me to build a fort on the lawn?
A. She sounds like a saint, and while we would love to oblige just to see her handy work, we didn’t book Kenny G for a reason. We want you up and moving, getting that blood flowing and meeting your neighbors. That’s what its all about. Whoever coined that business about the Hokey Pokey was a liar.
Q. I have a kickstarter going for one of a kind jorts that hold various blades. Cool if I show a pair off?
A. Your entrepreneurial spirit is what we love about America. We already have security and they are going to be frisking like POTUS is coming so leave the weapons at home. We’ll keep you safe.
Q. Sounds like you make more rules than beer. Anything else I need to know?
A. Even though that was sarcastic, we appreciate you asking. The show will go on rain or shine and as always, you must be 21+ with a valid ID to enter.
For additional information, call Blondie, she has been waiting since 1980.
The finest print: The goal is simple: We want you to come to the brewery, drink good beer, catch an amazing live show and have a life-changing experience. To preserve the quality of your sensory experience, the event is smoke free and there is no re-entry once you’re inside of our magical gates. No pets, the only dog you should be responsible for at this event is the one in your hand and yes, we get the irony. Since we couldn’t book Jimmy Buffet, we ask that you leave the blankets, chairs and umbrellas at home. If this breaks your heart, make plans to stay in with a margarita and your “Boats Beaches Bars and Ballads” CD box set like our social media guy is doing this Friday night. No outside food or drink is permitted with the sole exception of unopened bottled water. Lastly, no weapons. The zombie apocalypse won’t begin until January 20, 2017. All shows are rain or shine and tickets are non-refundable. As always, you must be 21+ with a valid ID to enter. For even more information, call Ghostbusters.



AIrwaves Label

Matt Brophy was first introduced to brewing while listening to the smooth sounds of Charlie Papazian, renowned godfather of homebrewing and nuclear physicist, discussing the trials and tribulations of brewing on NPR. A then 17-year-old Matt was so inspired, he ran out to buy Charlie’s penultimate The Complete Joy of Homebrewing. The rest, as they say, is history. 

Now some years later, a perfect storm of brewing conditions would cause Matt and Charlie’s paths to cross again. The American Homebrewers Association, whose membership refers to Charlie as Mr. President, held their annual conference in Baltimore earlier this summer, just east of our fair brewery. Matt and Charlie connected and put together the aptly-named Airwaves, an India Pale Lager that showcases Matt and Charlie’s collective love of hops. 

To no one’s surprise the commemorative beer was a hit, and while we only brewed enough for the conference we knew we would have homebrewers looking for more. We tucked a little bit away and got the go ahead to share the recipe with you so that is exactly what we plan to do.

On Wednesday, July 20 stop by the brewery and enjoy a sample of Airwaves and pick up the recipe to brew at home or share with friends. It’s like the old saying goes, give a man a beer and his immediate thirst will be satisfied, teach a man to brew and he will lead a life of passion and purpose.

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