We have a Facebook Group. It’s called “I Love Flying Dog Brewing Company”.  Actually, we didn’t even start this thing – but someone with amazingly good taste in beer did.

So, come on over and join the I Love Flying Dog Brewing Company Facebook Group. And if you’re not on Facebook, it’s time to get with it.

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We found this contest and figured we would pass it along because everyone needs somewhere to store their Flying Dog. To enter follow this linkKegerator.

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There are reasons Flying Dog is located in Denver, CO. Read the full article from Bill Husted’s Denver Post column here. This is also a good time for Flying Dog to remind everyone to drink responsibly during the upcoming holiday season. Cheers.

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“Here are some bears, Dogs, as part of a tree that just fell down in a storm….” This from an email Ralph Steadman sent us a few weeks back. He took these photos and created some pretty great art, but then again, when isn’t he creating cool shit? Check our more of Ralph’s stuff at



BULL's HEAD copy



Two books documenting the life and times of Dr. Gonzo, Hunter S. Thompson are now available.

The first, called “The Gonzo Way” is written by Anita Thompson, Hunter’s widow and second wife.
the gonzo way

Here is a review of The Gonzo Way from the Louisville Courier-Journal (HST grew up in Louisville). The book is available at

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The second book is called Gonzo: The Life of Hunter S. Thompon is written by Hunter’s longtime friend and co-worker at Rolling Stone Magazine, Jann Wenner.
gonzo book

Here is a review of the book in the Austin American Statesman and a link to the book on Amazon.

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So you want to be a brewer? Be prepared to spend several hours at 12am on a Saturday night, ankle deep in foam. These are pictures of a midnight clean up after a check valve malfunction on one of your fermenters. The manway door blew straight off as you can see below (door buried in 150bbls worth of foam ). Even President Eric Warner got drafted into the clean up crew and spend some long overdue time in the brew house.

Picture 030

Picture 034

Picture 040



The Red Sox swept the World Series so it is time for Flying Dog to pay its debt to Harpoon Brewery from Boston. Here are some pictures proving we are a brewery of our word. The keg of Harpoon IPA is now tapped in the Flying Dog Tasting Room. We live in shame.




Another Halloween is upon us and as we become adults we trade the candy in for fermented adult beverages from Flying Dog as our treats. There is always an army of Hunter Thompson look-a-likes running around and celebrating as if it were the man himself. We want you to send in your pictures of you in your HST costumes so we can publish them on our website’s photo gallery and blog. Send your Halloween pictures to and see if you can out do this costume.



Flying Dog Brewery ties together American craft beer flavors with traditional holiday foods

DENVER, CO October, 2007 – Flying Dog Brewery is one of the many craft breweries participating in the national program called Craft Beer and Food for the Holidays This free program organized by the Brewers Association, highlights the ways in which beer styles complement many traditional American holiday foods. The program delves into pairings such as ale with traditional American foods, a pairing frequently mentioned in reference to the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving. The website,, is for beverage and food lovers interested in complementary flavors at the holiday dinner table.

The web site was created in 2006 to encourage those hosting holiday celebrations to include craft beer in their holiday dinner menus. Of the 1,440 breweries in the U.S., just under 1,400 of them are craft brewers and Flying Dog Brewery is one of them. At is information for beer and food enthusiasts who want to learn “what to drink” and “how to serve” craft beer at their holiday meals. There is also a database of fellow craft breweries who have posted their holiday release beers and information on holiday dinners associated with the breweries.

Caramelized and toasted grain flavors in many beers complement the flavors of roast turkey while herbal hop additions pair nicely with popular holiday seasonings such as sage. Furthermore, the carbonation, fruitiness and balanced bitterness of many craft beers allow them to stand up to creamy, butter-rich preparations like mashed potatoes, creamed corn and similar fare.

Julia Herz, Director of Craft Beer Marketing for the Brewers Association stated, “Our country’s history is rich with stories of beer and food and craft beer picks up where wine leaves off. Many styles of beer both complement and contrast the food they are paired with, whereas wine mostly contrasts. The holiday dinner table is a very appropriate place for beer made from America’s small, independent and traditional brewers.”

Here are some suggestions listed on for beer styles to pair with various main courses:

Traditional Roast Turkey: The roasted and caramelized skin matches well with a golden ale like Flying Dog’s Tire Bite.

Ham: In-Heat Wheat’s taste profile is often reminds people of banana and clove notes and would be a perfect pairing with ham that is prepared with fruit and seasonings.

Duck: Flying Dog’s Fall Seasonal, Dogtoberfest makes a perfect companion to the darker meat like duck which offers a richer flavor than turkey.

Salmon: An amber lager like Old Scratch can offer a clean toasted malt note to offset the firm flavors of salmon without a lot of bitterness that would overwhelm the fish.

Leg of Lamb: Pale ales like Doggie-style Classic Pale Ale provide a pleasant foil to lamb with a spicy or herbal character to complement the character of the meat along with some toasted malt notes. Or for more harmony with the roasted flavors of the meat, try Road Dog Porter.

Beef Tenderloin: This rich hearty cut of meat deserves a robust beer as a counterpoint but also calls for some contrast to clear the palate between bites. The ideal companion would Double Dog Double Pale Ale.

# # #

Based in Boulder, Colo., U.S.A., the Brewers Association (BA) is the not-for-profit trade and education association for American craft brewers and the community of beer enthusiasts. Visit the website: to learn more. The association’s activities include events and publishing: World Beer Cup®; Great American Beer Festival sm ; Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America®; National Homebrewers Conference; National Homebrew Competition; American Craft Beer Week (May); Zymurgy magazine; The New Brewer magazine; and books on beer and brewing. The Brewers Association has an additional membership division of 12,000+ homebrewers: American Homebrewers Association.

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The only thing we like doing more than making beer here at Flying Dog Brewery is gambling. With our Colorado Rockies being in their first World Series, our friends at Harpoon Brewery in Boston approached us with an intriguing proposition. Should the Red Sox luck out and win the World Series, Flying Dog would have to serve Harpoon in our Tasting Room for one week. Should the Rockies go onto to fulfill their destiny and become World Series Champs, Harpoon will have to serve Flying Dog in their Tap Room. Let the games begin. GO ROCKIES!

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