The only thing we like doing more than making beer here at Flying Dog Brewery is gambling. With our Colorado Rockies being in their first World Series, our friends at Harpoon Brewery in Boston approached us with an intriguing proposition. Should the Red Sox luck out and win the World Series, Flying Dog would have to serve Harpoon in our Tasting Room for one week. Should the Rockies go onto to fulfill their destiny and become World Series Champs, Harpoon will have to serve Flying Dog in their Tap Room. Let the games begin. GO ROCKIES!

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Fear and Loathing on the Campaign TrailOn July 21st, 2007 the Aspen Institute hosted the First Annual Hunter S. Thompson Symposium. The event was hosted by Hunter’s son Juan Thompson and celebrated Gonzo journalism as well as Hunter’s book Fear & Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72 that forever changed American political reporting. Journalists Carl Bernstein, Michael Isikoff of Newsweek, Loren Jenkins of NPR, John Nichols of The Nation and others came together at the symposium moderated by Professor Douglas Brinkley to discuss the effect of Hunter’s work on political reporting and American politics.
The hour and half event is exclusively available at www.HunterThompsonFilms.com in nineteen clips of free, streaming video produced by Wayne Ewing. Click on the image to the left to watch.

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The Good News: Flying Dog Brewery was featured on Fox News.

The Bad News: The story is about the rising cost of beer.

Click here to see the story and then click on Drink Up: Beer prices are on the rise.

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Our photo collection from the 2007 Great American Beer Festival is now available. Check out all the festivities by clicking on the image below and due yourself a favor next year and come join the celebration. The only regret you’ll have is how you treated your liver.

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Flying Dog Brewery recently made a donation to the Rabies In The America’s conference held this year in Guanajuato, Mexico. Some generous soul purchased a Flying Dog t-shirt, hat and 6 pack of beer for over $200.00! If more people had that kind of compassion, we would be able to cure just about any disease. World Rabies Day will be held on Sunday, October 28th.

Thank you to Scott Bender for representing Flying Dog and all the great work you do as the Tribal Veterinarian for the Navajo Nation.





You already know this: Craft Beer continues to grow.

You may not know this: Craft Beer now accounts for over 5% of the Total Beer category share.

The Brewer’s Association’s Julia Herz was on CNBC last Friday (Oct 12, 2007) and talks about our industry’s growth.

Click here to see the clip.

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Old Scratch Amber Lager has once again been recognized as one of the best Ambers in America, as it won the Bronze Medal at the Great American Beer Festival.

In the past 4 years, Old Scratch has won two GABF gold medals, a Silver at the World Beer Cup and now a Bronze.

old scratch



A company called GelaSkins is now offering iPod and iPhone covers with Ralph Steadman art. Check it out.



Click here to go to their site.



As many of you know, we have a variety of things going this week at the Great American Beer Festival.  For those of you that are making the trip to Denver, we encourage you to come by for a Brewery Tour, stop by our booth or come to our Zombie Dance Post-GABF Parties on Friday and Saturday Nights.

But we also want to include those of you that can’t make this year’s festival. 

Starting Wednesday and going thru Saturday Night, we will be posting photos, blog entries and video at various sites online.

But this is where you come in:

We’re looking for suggestions on what you would like to see us take photos of. 

  • Is there a particular brewery booth you would like to see? 
  • Is there a particular person you would like us to take a picture of? 

Let us know by simply emailing your photo ideas to joshm@flyingdogales.com or sending him a text at 303.246.4873 (please include your name in the message).  Josh will be at the festival and your email will go straight to his iPhone while he’s roaming around.  He’ll take your direction and do his best to take the photo you are looking for and then it will automatically post to our Flickr page. 

We encourage you to use these photos for your own blogs as you see fit.  If you have any questions, feel free to email Josh.



It may seem like we say this every time we release a Wild Dog beer, but our newest brew really is Flying Dog’s most unique beer to date. Collaborator Doppelbock was created through Flying Dog’s Open Source Beer Project, which gave amateur brewers a chance to give our brewing team recommendations and feedback on everything from the grain, hops and yeast to the brewing process itself.

We combined your feedback and created a unique Doppelbock recipe to brew up and release. Collaborator has a full body with a sweet malt profile and a slight roast character. The complete recipe and printable labels are available for download at www.OpenSourceBeerProject.com. We want to thank everyone who contributed to creating this beer; it truly was a collaboration.

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