Flying Dog’s Old Scratch Amber Lager has moved on to the quarterfinals of the Washington Post’s Beer Madness tournament. After dispatching Brooklyn Lager we now take on Raven Lager to move to the Semis. To follow all the madness check out Washington Post’s Sunday Source.



Gonzo Imperial PorterBelow is a recent Press Release from our European import partners, Bier and Company. Gonzo Imperial Porter was voted the best imported beer in Finland for 2007. We are taking this bitch international.

‘Why give Ceasar what Ceasar’s is’: okay, but still recognition and appreciation are very welcome! It is with great pride we learned of Flying Dog’s Gonzo Imperial Porter being elected as ‘best importbeer in Norway – 2007’.
This goes to prove it: we may be convinced that we have some winners on our hands, and proudly offer a little gem to the market, but receiving honors like these from the independant ‘Norske Oelvenners Landsforbund’ or ‘The Norwegian National League of Beerlovers’, is the biggest slap on the back you could hope for – thanks!
Funnily enough the jury did not have an easy task, as the majority of special beer in Norway is still being sold through the State Monopoly, who didn’t launch the beer until January 2008. However, the Norwegian distributor managed to convince a couple of specialized and dedicated beer bars in Norway to list this brilliant brew before the shops did and so Gonzo took top-honors in 2007. Had he not, we would have had to wait a year for this medal. Again, thanks!
It’s not the first time, and won’t be the last either, for Gonzo to be awarded a prestigeous prize. And do stay alert, you people out there, for there are many, many more great beers coming your way from the States and who knows what they will win – well, we’d hope they will win your heart for them! Cheers!
Nieuws overzicht

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With over 130 entries from the People’s Republic of Flying Dog we had a hell of a time picking a winner. There were many worthy entries and we thank everyone… blah, blah, blah. The winner entitled “The Last Call” was submitted by Mike Reaser and Mike Frederick. They win for creativity and execution. Congrats gentlemen, your Flying Dog neon will be shipping shortly. Check out there winning photo and all the contest entries at this link.

The Last Call

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The Washington Post has created the ultimate combo with a March Madness bracket-style tournament for beer. Fans can log on and vote for there favorites but the ultimate judging goes to a Washington Post panel.

They still keep track of the popular vote, so we need the support of the People’s Republic of Flying Dog! To vote for Old Scratch and a full break down of the action check out this link as Old Scratch marches to victory.

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Flying Dog has launched a couple new Twitter pages so you can stay even more connected and have yet another excuse to play with your computer and not your wife/husband/girlfirend/boyfriend/whatever.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Twitter, it’s a microblogging website that allows users to write and read posts that are less than 140 characters. The really nice thing is that you can write and receive messages via text message on your cell phone.

Our first twitter page is at – This is where you can stay connected with everything going on here at the brewery – new styles to be released, promotions/contests, awards, Eric’s vacations, all of that.

Our second twitter page is at – We love reading beer blogs and newspaper stories about Craft Beer, so we’ll be posting all of the good links on our Twitter page so you don’t have spend hours Googling crap. It will all be right here.

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Double Dog Pale Ale BottleThere are many great beer bloggers that help Flying Dog and other breweries spread the gospel of better beer. Brainard Brewing recently posted a video review of our Double Dog Double Pale Ale. Check out the video below.

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Renowned beer bar and restaurant, The Bistro, held it’s 8th annual Double IPA Festival on February 9th in Hayward, CA. With over 30 Double IPA’s in the competition Double Dog Double Pale Ale came away with “Best in Show” honors. For more on this competition check out some of the blogs that had first hand coverage; Brookstone Beer Bulletin, Pacific Brew News Blog, What’s On Tap , Rick Seller’s Facebook Photos and Pacific Brew News Blog.

Double Dog Award

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The SessionBarley wines can come in many colors but one thing remains constant, they will knock you on your ass if you’re not careful. Brewed to a minimum of 8.4% (often far stronger) most barley wines take a few months to complete fermentation because of the copious amounts of sugar the yeast needs to process. This leaves Barley Wines with a sweet, rich flavor profile. American-style Barley Wines are often power hopped with American hops to over-power the residual sweetness whereas English-Style Barley Wines tend to accentuate that sweet malty profile.
Barrel Aged Horn
Horn Dog LabelFlying Dog’s Horn Dog Barley Wine is a traditional English-Style Barley Wine and the senior member of our Canis Major Series of hi-gravity brews. Winner of a World Beer Cup Silver Medal, Horn Dog has the hardware to stand up to the World’s best Barley Wines. The aggressive nature of this beer make it an ideal candidate for barrel-aging. The bottle on the right is a very limited Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey Barrel-aged version of Horn Dog that spent 13 months in oak and is only available in the Flying Dog Brewery tasting room. Check out the stats below for all the technical specs on Horn Dog Barley Wine.
Alcohol by Volume: 10.5%, O.G. 1.107, IBUs 45
Specialty Malts: 120L Crystal, Munich, 30-37L Carastan, Chocolate, 2-Row Pale
Hops: German Perle, Northern Brewer, Cascade

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Flying Dog’s analytical brewer Matt Brophy waxes poetic in a Q&A session with Bryon Turner from the renowned Home Brew Beer blog. For the full interview follow this link.

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Flying Dog’s Gonzo Imperial Porter is featured in epidsode 42 of Your Next Beer’s podcast series. To listen to the podcast check out this link. The Gonzo review starts around the 4:25 mark.

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