Double DogThe New York Times recently released an article on big beers, A Taste for Brews That Go to Extremes. This article highlights the budding obsession American brewers and drinkers have with cranking out bigger and badder brews. The article features our Double Dog Double Pale Ale along with 20+ other beers produced from a myriad of brewers across the country. For the full article, check out this link.

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For Immediate Release:

A new seasonal and 4th new Canis Major style to hit shelves in 2008

Denver, CO – Flying Dog Brewery has new show-stopping styles and packages for 2008. The brewery Garde Dog Bottlecontinues its tradition of offering award-winning beers in 2008 with the release of a Biere de Garde as their new spring seasonal and a Tripel as the fourth member of its Canis Major Series of high gravity beers.

“Garde Dog” Biere de Garde is unfiltered with a hazy, deep golden to light copper appearance. Brewed with domestically grown French Hops and German Pilsner Malts, it gives craft beer drinkers a very enjoyable, light-bodied, subtlety sweet beer with toasty malt undertones. Garde Dog is the perfect complement to lighter fare such as seafood, salads, cheese and Middle Eastern and Indian foods.

“Kerberos” Tripel is a bottle-conditioned strong Belgian Ale with slightly hazy appearance and mousse-like head. Brewing with Golding and Saaz hops and Pilsner and Aromatic malts yields Kerberos Bottlea medium body and champagne-like carbonation. Cerberus pairs perfectly with turkey and other poultry, creamy cheeses, fruit pastries, desserts and crème brulee.

Flying Dog will also be launching two new and unique packages to their Canis Major Series in 2008. The first is a Mixed four-pack featuring one 12oz. bottle of each Canis Major style. The second is a Mixed eight-pack of 7oz. bottles, which will include two offerings of each Canis Major style. The Canis Major Series includes Gonzo Imperial Porter, Horn Dog Barley Wine, Double Dog Double Pale Ale and the new Cerberus Tripel.

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In case the old fashion way of enjoying your favorite Flying Dog out of the bottle just isn’t cutting it for you anymore, we found a solution for you. The Bender Brewer Project combines two of our favorite things, draft beer and cartoon booze hounds. Happy building.

Bender Brewer

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This is a great chance to get out and try some extreme beers that will change your perception on what beer should taste like. Flying Dog will be sampling our Canis Major Series of beers and joining about 15 other breweries as we enjoy winter in Vail, CO. Click on the flyer below for complete details and ticket information.

Big Beers Flyer

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The SessionAnother month has passed and it is time for The Session once again. This month’s topic is Doppelbocks and we have a pretty unique one to throw into the discussion. It is rare that home brewer’s get a chance to influence the outcome of a commercial brew but with our Open Source Beer Project that is exactly what Flying Dog did in Fall of 2007.

Wild Dog CollaboratorWild Dog Collaborator Doppelbock gave amateur brewers a chance to give our brewing team recommendations and feedback on the everything from the grain, hops and yeast to the brewing process itself. We combined their feedback to create a unique Doppelbock recipe.

Collaborator has a full body with a sweet malt profile and a slight roast character. The complete recipe and printable labels are available for download at http://www.opensourcebeerproject.com/.

Alcohol by Volume: 8.3%, Plato: 19.5, IBUs: 24
Specialty Malts: Munich “Type I” 2240 75, Munich “Type II 550 19, Cara-Munich 55 2, Cara-Amber 55 2, Melanoidin 55 2
Hops: Warrior, Mt. Hood

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Flying Dog already brings you BeerDinners.com which is a complete resource for food and beer pairings as well as listings or beer dinners around the country. Now we join Savor, a new event from the Brewer’s Association who also brings you the Great American Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup. Savor will be America’s most prestigious food and beer event featuring world class speakers, presentations and a sampling of some America’s finest beers with cuisine to match. For more details on Savor visit this link.

Savor Logo

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George Stranahan points us to a  great comic strip in today’s Aspen Times.  Click HERE.



Alpha Bitch is Flying Dog’s annual award for Employee of The Year. This year we had a tie which is our way of saying, “no one deserved it but if we combined these two we might actually have a decent employee.” Congratulation to Matt Barnes and Chris Rippe, the most special of the special kids. They do get to choose their own prize which is a pretty sweet deal.

Matt BarnesChris Rippe

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New horn dog labels!Flying Dog’s new label redesign will be hitting the market over the next couple months. Don’t worry, we’re not ditching the Ralph Steadman Art. This is a picture of our first run of the new labels decorating a bottle of Horn Dog Barley Wine.

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As you may have heard, Flying Dog Brewery recently announced that we are embarking on the next step in our illustrious, 17 year history of crafting remarkable beer by concentrating all of our brewing and production to the brewery in Frederick, MD, where 70% of Flying Dog Beer is already being brewed. This move will take place in January and we are working to ensure that our entire production team will be able to make this move over to Maryland. Accounting, sales, marketing and other administrative functions will remain largely unaffected by this change and our HQ will remain in Denver.

We decided to make this proactive move as it has become increasingly important to be extremely nimble in today’s business environment. Only those who can quickly adapt in the hyper-Darwinian economy will survive and in today’s craft brewing landscape. We are facing unprecedented cost pressures due in large part to the tremendous hop and malt cost increases. Concentrating our brewing operations to one facility will help us become more efficient while maintaining our exceptionally high brewing standards. This is a smart, proactive move for our growing company and will allow us to most efficiently use our resources.

The Frederick facility is a state-of-the-art brewery that has already been producing great beer for Flying Dog and we look forward to ramping up production and growing our business even more than the +20% trends we are experiencing in 2007. The bottling line in Frederick has lower oxygen uptake at filling than the one in Denver, which translates to better flavor stability and longer shelf life. It also kicks out bottles at twice the pace of the line in Denver. The brewhouse in Maryland is also capable of brewing a wider range of recipes than the one in Denver. Finally, the brewery in MD plans on substantial capital expenditures and plant upgrades (close to a million bucks in 2008 alone) to continue to brew better beer in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

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