The sun is setting before happy hour even begins, and that means the holidays are upon us. Every gym sign we pass on the dark ride home is offering programs to help build shoveling muscles (deltoids, abdominal, erectors, quads, hamstrings, gluts, lats, obliques) and you can’t go anywhere without hearing about the #ElfDiet. In light of all of this activity, we couldn’t settle on just one beer to get you through the holidays. We’ve got seven. Yes, SEVEN. You can get your white-gloved hands on all of them this week as our Winter Is Coming release party runs today through Sunday.

This year’s K-9 Winter Warmer got a new look from Ralph Steadman, which was a nice reminder to us all that the recipe changes every year. This allows our brewers to flex creative muscles and use new ingredients and processes that they’ve been experimenting with all year. This year, we played around with some cocoa nibs from DC’s very own Undone Chocolate alongside cardamom and vanilla. The result is the perfect winter beer that pairs great with turtlenecks, ski lodges and oversized fireplaces. It’s also ideal for those year-end tailgates when your team doesn’t stand a chance, but that doesn’t stop you. At 7.4% ABV, our only request is that you #SledResponsibly.

The list has been made, it will get checked for a second time and then it’s out of our hands. This year, good girls and boys will wake up to Nice Holiday Milk Stout in their stockings. #ThanksSanta. Now here at Flying Dog, we don’t always see things in black and white, there are shades of grey, and depending on how any given night goes, you could spend time on both lists. So we took a long look in the mirror and decided that 2016 was pretty fucking rough, and we would take it easy on the sinners. This year, the rest of us will receive Naughty Egg Nog Ale in place of the traditional lump of coal (or hand-me-down socks, depending on your family traditions). 

After Santa finishes passing judgment and handing out sentences, he’s going to need to fuel up. Rumor around the North Pole is that the Big Man’s lactose intolerant and actually prefers beer over milk. (Don’t worry, he isn’t driving the sleigh. It runs on magic.) Hook him up with our Holiday Collection, four brand-new beers inspired by Baltimore’s iconic Otterbein’s Bakery are back. This year’s beers include:

  • Raspberry Leaf Ale, inspired by Otterbein’s Lemon Sugar Cookies
  • Christmas IPA, inspired by Otterbein’s Orange White Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Horchata Lager, inspired by Otterbein’s Sugar Cookies
  • Baltic Porter, inspired by Otterbein’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you can’t find something you like on this list, we hear Russia is wonderful this time of year. Tell Putin we said hi. And Happy Holidays.



The most important election of your life is upon you. On Tuesday, November 8 (after you punch your ballot to determine whose asses will be filling overpriced chairs in Washington) make your way to ChurchKey and do your democratic duty once more by VOTING FOR THE TRUTH.

We asked five of the District’s top brass in craft beer to create their own cask of The Truth Imperial IPA for the good people of DC to drink as the actual election results roll in. 

Knowledge is power. Educate yourself on the issues and vote. #ElectTheTruth2016


Kathy’s Platform

CASK: The Truth Imperial IPA with raspberry puree and ginger
POLITICAL PARTY: District of Columbia Brewers’ Guild
PLATFORM: If elected, I would clarify and streamline the DC government’s process for opening and regulating breweries, removing unnecessary barriers to brewery start-up and promoting growth of the breweries that have already made DC their home. (We don’t have to really do that, right?  Because that will take longer than the length of my potential administration and I don’t want to be seen as a do-nothing president.  It’s rough out there.)


Greg’s Platform

CASK: The Truth Imperial IPA with Azacca hops, gin-infused oak and lime peel
PLATFORM: If elected, I promise to serve all beer at proper temperatures, replace wine with beer on all pairing menus, and strengthen diplomatic relations with our international brewers.


Nahem’s Platform

CASK: The Truth Imperial IPA with Amarillo hops, Centennial hops, bourbon-infused oak, lemon peel and toasted oak infused with Wild Turkey vanilla bean
POLITICAL PARTY: Jack Rose Dining Saloon Whiskeytarian Party
PLATFORM: I stand for a world where beer flows pure through pristine draft lines, and the efforts of the brewing class are represented in our democracy! I also believe dolphins should have a voice in our society, because they amuse me, especially if dressed in tuxedos. 


Josh’s Platform

CASK: The Truth Imperial IPA with Ginger, orange peel and Madiera-infused oak chips
PLATFORM: Fellow beer drinkers, if you, as a people, chose me I would continue to further the beer scene in the capitol of our great country. A capitol city where quality beer would be poured from every tap and there would be a taco truck on every corner. And so, Washingtonians, I ask not what you can do for your beer bar but what your beer bar can do for you.


Bill’s Platform

CASK: The Truth Imperial IPA with kaffir lime leaves, cardamom and ginger (not sweetened ginger)
PLATFORMS: Promote diversity of all kinds in craft beer. Increase staff and consumer education around beer (cue “The More You Know”). Ban the brewing of quadrupels by legislative edict. Make IPAs clear again (but if you’re down with the haze, you do you).


Nate’s Platform

CASK: No cask. I’m here in support of the draft (but not the kind that precedes wars). 
POLITICAL PARTY: The Fight for Your Right to Party
PLATFORM: Mergers – No. Independence – Yes. Down with OPP. Firm supporter of drinking the same beer more than once.
It was all a dream
I used to read New Brewer magazine
Charlie Papazian books up in the limousine
Putting bottles on my wall
Every Saturday homebrew, hops, malt & all
I let my wort rock til my wort pop
Sterilizing carboys, that cleaning don’t stop…



The red sweater and white tie have arrived, the pumpkin beer is waiting patiently in the fridge and all that’s left to do is put that beacon of hope on the front step so those in search of the diabetes know they won’t waste their time or steps if they come a knockin’. It’s pumpkin carving time.

We put together a set of step-by-step instructions for your to create your very own Flying Dog Bat-O-Lantern at home. Let your neighbors know you are a card-carrying member of The Republic. Trick or treat.

What you’ll need:

Step 1.
Cut a perfect circle into the bottom of the pumpkin (Yes, the bottom.) Nice, job. Now open a beer.


Step 2.
After removing the circle, or anus, of the pumpkin, get all up in there and remove the guts. The pumpkin should feel smooth on the inside, with no hairy cobweb like chunks or pumpkin seeds, before moving on to the next step.


Step 3.
Tape your previously-printed Flying Dog “batwing” stencil to the pumpkin where ever you think it looks best.


Step 4.
Using the all-plastic pumpkin shank, poke holes through the outlines of the darker pattern and into the pumpkin. Then, drag the same tool along the lighter outlines of the pattern to make an indentation on the pumpkin without breaking through the skin. Pause as needed for beer breaks.


Step 5.
Remove the pattern, and use the infant-sized pumpkin saw to cut out the meaty portions of the pumpkin that are marked as the dark outlines. You should then be able to look into the hollow shell of pumpkin.


Step 6.
Using your Webelos training, take a knife and scrape the outer layer of skin between the markings of the lighter pattern outline. Minimize alcohol consumption during this step, and any other time you are using non-plastic cutlery.


Step 7.
Continue to trace the sharp point of the blade through your batwing outline until it’s thin enough to allow some light through the remaining flesh. Be gentle. (Yes, that’s also what she said.)


Step 8.
After consulting your local fire department for safety tips, light a candle. Gently place the pumpkin over the candle. Wizard and witches, roll up those sleeves before working around an open flame.


Step 9.
Turn out the lights and enjoy your masterpiece. Soon enough new friends will arrive.




Inspired by the fall literary classic, “It’s Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers”.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to get my hands on a beer brewed with pumpkin, pumpkin pie spices…shit, even brewed with the top part of the pumpkin that I like to call “nature’s fucking handle.” Cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, Sporty Spice – the more spice the better when it comes to my beer. I want to crack the cap off that fucker and get punched in the face with a bouquet that makes me think of nothing but fall, flannel and football.

I want that fall flavor to be so strong that I’m sitting next to Billy Crystal on a bench in Central fucking Park surrounded by the most vibrant goddamn leaves that God’s green earth has ever seen. Fuck Sally and her stupid fucking hat. Harry’s going to see me with my pumpkin beer and want his life with me to start as soon as fucking possible. But I’m not stopping with him, no sir. Then, I’m going to bust onto that Fighting Irish field with thousands of fans chanting my goddamn name. Bye Felicia, and bye Rudy.

And you know who I want to meet? I want to meet the fucking genius who was the first to toss some pumpkin into a batch of fucking beer. I want to shake his hand heartily and thank him from the bottom of my cozy, candy corn-shaped heart. He knew that all a fall beer needed was the hard and hard-to-get-to meat of a motherfucking pumpkin. Fuck that shiny orange rind. Fuck those slimy ass seeds. He wanted meat and he went for it.

You see, there’s plenty of other fall shit he could have thrown in there: Zucchini, brats, cranberry sauce, a deep-fried turkey, those Halloween Reeses cups that are in the shape of pumpkins. Some loser probably even came up to him and asked “how do you like them apples?” But he stuck to his guns and went patches over orchards, all day, every day. “Taste my Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.”

And bitch all you want about pumpkin beers coming out too early. Pumpkin beers on shelves in August? That’s just nature’s way of making sure you’re ready for a cornucopia of fall flavor jam-packed into each and every 12-oz bottle. You’re saying you don’t want to be fully prepared for the moment it’s goes from 95 to 62 degrees? Clearly you were never a boy scout…and have never been prepared for a goddamn thing in your life. I won’t be saving you a seat around my roaring fucking fire. And you can be damn sure you won’t be borrowing the stainless steel marshmallow roasting set I got last year at Target…ON SALE. 

And to those of you who think there are just too many pumpkin beers out there? Fuck you. This is America and variety is the spice of fucking life. (But pumpkin spice Cheerios? Those can go fuck themselves.)

Drink up, fuckheads!



Even if you haven’t strayed from your shopping list in recent visits to your grocer, it would still be virtually impossible not to see the influx of pumpkin-spice everything on the shelves. During a recent decorative gourd supply run, an idea to attempt pairing all things pumpkin spice with our pumpkin beers was born. Never one to half-ass it, our Brewery Evangelist decided to put on his big-boy pants and see if he really could consume all the pumpkin spice. The result, much like a Vice-presidential debate, is that there is no clear winner. See how far into the video you can make it. 

This is the part where we are supposed to tell you not to try this at home. 
Do not send us videos of you attempting the Pumpkin Spice Challenge. 
Do not upload videos and tag us and use the hashtag #PumpkinSpiceChallenge.

You can also journey with us into the mind of a maniac by listening to these Pumpkin Spice Challenge outtakes.

Pumpkin Spice Challenge.

Breakfast Anyone? 

In The Best Way Possible. 

Ever Been Filmed Eating? 

Stranger Things 

Wash It Down 

Ice Cream 

Ice Cream 2 

A Little Rich 

With All The Bad Things Going On 

Pretty Pumpkiny 

Got Questions? 

There Goes The Twinkie 

Nice Weather 

That’s It Folks 

Sugar High 

Keys To The Game




You know what farmers’ markets need? Beer. Also, a flannel wearing sculptor with a chainsaw. And while we’re at it, let’s give it a soundtrack. Something upbeat and live in the name of all that is holy. Now we’re cooking with gas. Since my wallet is getting some time in the sun, let’s make sure it’s taking care of my wants as well, not just the necessities like organic produce, charcuterie and artisanal cheeses and chocolates, but some badass metal art for my beer drinking hovel.

This is shaping up, but it still needs something. The smell of meat coming out of that upscale food truck is telling a timeless love story that my mouth will want to hear over and over again. Am I missing anything? Oh yeah, Fido. How could I forget my best friend? He’ll want some love as well; the thoughtful placement of a water dish or ten and some other dogs’ butts to sniff should do the trick. 

Can it have a cool name? Local Riot you say? Now I’m sold.

On Saturday, October 22, our annual Local Riot returns. The event is free with donations going to our friends at Lonely Hearts Animal Shelter. It’s dog-friendly, and will feature live music throughout the day from The Beatnik Termites, The Rockaway Beachboys and Luna. Local Riot will also be the first place you can pick up Secret Stash this year, which pairs great with a couple laps around the brewery lawn as you check out our different vendor tables including:

All beer, food and vendor goods will be sold a la cart.




Our Brewhouse Rarities series gives everyone in the brewery a voice. Our Flying Dog University Professor, Justin, wanted his to be heard not just for a new beer concept, but the critical threat bee colony collapse poses to our ecosystem. At least one Brewhouse Rarities release every year is an agricultural collaboration, and his pitch to craft a bee beer brewed with local bee pollen and honey immediately appealed to our powers that bee.

The beer incorporates Dutch Gold Buckwheat Honey and local bee pollen from Lord Byron’s Honey Apiary into an American Saison base. The golden color shows off the honey sweetness, which is present yet balanced. Justin chose buckwheat honey for its strong flavor. Strength is important because a lot of honey character ferments out during the process. The choice to use bee pollen was easy once he learned about its health benefits. (It’s high in protein and can be metabolized quickly.) A lot of breweries brew with honey, but few use bee pollen, as well, and Justin found that it adds a unique floral sweetness. Elevate your experience by drinking it alongside fresh chèvre with dried apricot and honey. (If you don’t understand what half of that meant, try pairing it with a non-factory cheesecake.)

Now that you know what the buzz is all about, we’d like to see you at the brewery release on Wednesday, September 28 from 3 pm – 8 pm. You’ll have the chance to hand-dip your bottles of Bee Beer in beeswax and will leave with a custom packet of Purple Coneflower seeds, a native perennial that our bees just love, from Chesapeake Valley Seeds. Planting these seeds are just one of the ways you and Joe the Plumber can help fight CCD and save the bees. You don’t need to have a green thumb to get these growing, even the laziest gardner can set it and forget it. (Instructions below for once you have those bad boys in hand.)

While fine tuning the recipe with our brewmaster, Justin also developed a Flying Dog University course around bee education focusing on how everyone, even the Average Joe, can help fight colony collapse disorder (CCD). The class, The Making of Bee Beer, is a platform to educate and encourage everyone to take action against the bee colony collapse that poses a serious threat to all aspects of our ecosystem. At Flying Dog University, we believe that action starts with education, so we’re thrilled to feature two bee experts from the University of Maryland’s Research Apiary for a class on bee behavior, bee’s impact on agriculture, what’s causing colony collapse and how we can help. The class will conclude with a question and answer session and a guided beer tasting of four Flying Dog beers.

Maryland honeybee loss is among the highest in the nation and we want you to drink beer and learn about it. Head out to the release, register for the class, and find Bee Beer near you starting October 3 for a limited time


Seeds best before end of summer 2017


· Loosen the soil in your garden using a garden fork or tiller to 12 to 15 inches deep, then mix in a 2– to 4–inch layer of compost.

· Plant the seeds in the spring in humus-rich, well-drained soil about 1 to 3 feet apart, depending on the type, in full sun. Coneflowers can tolerate some shade.

· If you are moving a potted plant outside from inside, dig a hole about twice the pot’s diameter and carefully place the plant in the soil. Bury the plant to the top of the root ball, but make sure the root ball is level with the soil surface. Water it thoroughly.


· In the spring, put a thin layer of compost around the plants, then a 2–inch layer of mulch to help keep the plants moist and prevent weeds.

· If you receive less than an inch of rain a week, water your plants regularly during the summer.

· If your plants are floppy, cut them to the ground after they flower.

· Remember to cut off the dead/faded flowers to prolong to blooming season and prevent excessive self-seeding. To attract birds, keep the late-season flowers on the plants to mature.

· Divide your plants into clumps every 3 to 4 years in spring or autumn, although coneflowers do not like excessive disturbance.



Yellow FDU Banner
Flying Dog University, a first-of-its-kind beer education program, is back in session this fall. As requested in last semester’s evaluations, none of our courses will require or allow the use of common core mathematics.

The course calendar will include old favorites as well as numerous electives if you’re looking to boost your GPA (General Perception of Ales). We recommend starting with our core curriculum: Beer 101 – 301. Beer 101: Craft Beer Basics, is a rigorous exploration of the history of beer, the brewing process and the four ingredients in beer. This course is great for beginners and anyone interested in a refresher. Our Advanced Brewing Techniques class, Beer 201, is an in-depth look at brewing processes like dry hopping and using unique ingredients, and how these affect the end beer.Beer 301: Beer and Food, is a breakdown of how beer interacts with food by comparing beer and wine and reviewing tips on pairing beer with food, storing and aging beer and cooking with beer. Depending on your skill level you can sign up for all three or pick and choose.

Our electives run the gamut of all that we love about the craft beer community. Each course is co-taught by local artisans who share their story and their craft alongside of ours.

If you want an in-depth look at our brewery, sign up for one of our Beer Geek Tours scheduled for the first Sunday of each month. A previous brewery tour (of our own or someone else’s) or a working knowledge of the brewing process is recommended because we get down and dirty in this behind-the-scenes exploration of why we do what we do. Each Beer Geek Tour ends with a tasting of new releases, pilot batches and vintage beers you can’t get anywhere else.

Whether you’ve been part of the craft movement since day one or you just picked up your first sixer of Raging Bitch yesterday, we have the class for you. Make your commitment to craft today:

The finest print: Each Flying Dog University course ends with a tasting of Flying Dog beers. All attendees must be 21 or older. All sales are final and classes are non-transferrable or refundable. 




Ralph Steadman is coming to America. A Retrospective – Ralph Steadman, a massive collection of over 60 years of Ralph’s work, opens tonight at the Society of Illustrators in New York and will be on display until October 22.


Ralph’s incredible range is out in full force: His early political cartoons (most still socially relevant today), his lauded work with Hunter S. Thompson, his children’s books and everything in between. This collection is one of the largest exhibitions of his work ever and the first time the Society of Illustrators has dedicated the entire gallery to one artist.


We got a sneak preview last night. While we’ve been working with Ralph since 1995, we will never outgrow our awe of his depth, relevance, and (of course) his weirrd. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take it all in at once. 


See how deep the rabbit hole goes with an incredible schedule of collaborative events and programs centered around the exhibit:



Watershed Small

The craft beer community is exactly that: A community that takes care of its own. When flooding in late July devastated Ellicott City – a haven for artisans and independent businesses – two Maryland breweries knew we could help.

Alongside Jailbreak Brewing Company, we will release Watershed Moment Belgian IPA this week with 100 percent of the profits benefiting flood relief for Ellicott City. The beer will premiere on Friday, September 9 at both Judge’s Bench and The Wine Bin in downtown Ellicott City.

The beer itself is a hybrid of Jailbreak’s Poor Righteous IPA and our Raging Bitch Belgian-Style IPA. The malt bill is from Poor Righteous, the hops are a blend of those used in both beers and the yeast is the El Diablo Belgian strain used in Raging Bitch.

Watershed Moment will be available on draft and in cans exclusively in the Howard County and Baltimore area markets for a limited time. Bond Distributing and Hub Labels also contributed to the project, and a donation to the Ellicott City Partnership will also be made in their names.

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