Some of the sales crew and Pitt alums from Premium Ohio, one of our all-star distributors, recently visited their alma mater for a tailgate party Flying Dog style. The Panthers took a beating at the hands of Rutgers but at least they had Flying Dog to drown their sorrows. At Pitt, win or lose, they still booze. Below are the pics.



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The Waco Wine & Food Festival was held this past weekend in sunny Waco, Texas. Yes, it said it was a wine festival, but there was also beer there, including Flying Dog. The event was held in centennial Park, with over 2000 people there, about
200 beers and wine from over 40 countries. Great music, food, and perfect weather didn’t hurt, either.

We sampled a wide variety of beers: Doggie Style, In-Heat Wheat, Woody Creek White, Dogtoberfest, Tire Bite, Snake Dog, and Double Dog. Proudly representing us were Jeff Daniels of Artisanal beverage along with some people from Glazer’s (our Texas State distributor). Thanks a bunch, guys!

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The big night is less that two weeks away: Election Night.  Maybe it’s because we work in the beer business, but it seems like the three debates were great nights to sit back, pontificate on who made a better showing and drink a good beer.  Election Night ’08 should be no different.

Here are some ideas on what to drink on what should prove to be high drama…at least for a Tuesday Night.

  • If you think your candidate or political party is getting screwed, drink some Doggie-style Classic Pale Ale.
  • Maybe you’ve been Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail?  If so, Gonzo Imperial Porter is the beer for you.
  • Feeling bitter about the election? Your sorrows will love Double Dog Pale Ale or Snake Dog IPA.
  • Does the political process arouse you? Well if so, you’re a bit of a sicko.  And you should try some Horn Dog Barley Wine.
  • Think this country is going to Hell in a Hand-basket with our newly elected leaders?  You’ll need a dog to guard your gates in Hell, so grab some Kerberos Tripel.
  • Just want celebrate your right to vote?   No better to do that with than our Road Dog Porter.  After all, it is that beer that fought the Government all the way to the Colorado Supreme Court for the right to freedom of speech…and won.
  • Celebrating your candidate’s big win? Then pretty much anything will taste good, but we’ll recommend Old Scratch Amber Lager, since it’s won a bunch awards itself.

No matter how you vote, drink responsibly.  And no matter how you drink, vote responsibly.

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Well, we should start this off by letting you that it’s not going to be cheap. But our majority owner George Stranahan is selling his ranch up in Woody Creek, Colorado. Even if you can’t afford it, the Denver Post article is a great read and gives some good insight about George and his relationship with his friend Hunter S. Thompson.



We’ll have more on this in our newsletter, but we wanted to let everyone know that Flying Dog Brewery once again picked up some medals at the 2008 Great American Beer Fest. Dogtoberfest Märzen is the proud owner of a Gold Medal, and Old Scratch Amber Lager is a Silver Medalist. We’re very excited to get this recognition, and Scratch keeps on winning medals left and right (it also was a Silver Award winner at this year’s World Beer Cup).

Winning medals isn’t easy. We want to give a big shout out to our entire production team. It truly is a team effort on this shit, from the Brewers to the Cellarmen to the Packaging department to Quality Control. Way to make us look good, guys!

But really what makes us happy is knowing that our consumers are happy with our award-winning ales. We’re doing this to make you people happy.



One of the best things about GABF is that people from all over the world come to Denver to, ahem… talk business. We had the pleasure of meeting our distributors from Sweden and talk some shop over a couple pints. And guess what! We’re HUGE in Sweden!



Flying Dog Brewery was one of only a handful of American brewers to take home a medal in the recent Stockholm Beer and Whiskey Festival. Snake Dog IPA received the Silver medal in the Ale category proving once again, Flying Dog’s world dominance is inevitable. Give into the People’s Republic of Flying Dog!

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GABF is to beer, what SXSW is to music or what Mardi Gras is to frat boys.

Needless to say, we’ll have a lot of stuff going on all week.  And even if you’re not able to make the pilgrimage to Denver for the festival, you can keep track of us from the comfort of your computer screen.

But, if you happen to be in Denver:

#1 Come by and do it up FBAG style: We have a feeling this will become an annual tradition.  FBAG (stands for Flying Dog, Brats and Gonzo and just happens to be GABF spelled backwards) is our GABF Weekend kickoff.  It will be your first shot at trying our new Wild Dog Series release, a smoked Double Schwarz (aptly called Dog Schwarz and we’ll also be sampling our new Canis Major Mixed 8-Pack of 7oz bottles!

Since this will be the first stop of the day for most people as they head over to GABF after the party, we’ll also have plenty of food on hand. We’ll be grilling Jim Lutz’s famous Gonzo Brats and pairing some of our other award-winning beers with food from our neighbors at Blake Street Tavern.

Jason and Todd Alstrom from Beer Advocate will be on hand as will the guys from Beer Utopia.  Brant and Eric from Beer Utopia will actually be streaming all of the action on the internet (more details to come) and interviewing anyone who wants to get on camera and wax poetic on beer.

The party will be in our Denver Warehouse at 24th and Blake, just a couple blocks from Coors Field.  The best part: the whole thing is FREE!

#2 We’re also co-hosting a Beer Dinner with DRAFT Magazine at Braun’s on Saturday Night.  The event is sold out, but maybe you can bribe someone into hooking you up with a ticket.

#3 Most importantly, make sure you come by our booth and say hello!

If you’re not in Denver:

Check out our Flying Dog Twitter Feed.  Visual Viceroy, Josh Mishell and Prime Minister of Marketing, Neal Stewart will be posting updates all week.

Log on to our Flickr page.  Josh will also be roaming around Denver and the GABF itself taking photos to share with the world and make you wish you were here.

Log on to this blog! Who knows what we’ll be posting on here!

And if you want even more, check out Josh’s Twitter feed, Neal’s Twitter feed and Neal’s personal blog.



In life, there are winners and losers. The same goes for Flying Dog’s recent poetry contest. Chuck Snowdon may be our new Poet Laureate, but that doesn’t mean that the other entries were bollocks. Read Anthony Zak’s entry here, including what Ralph Steadman said about his poem. Even though he says it doesn’t feel quite finished, I certainly liked it. Plus there are some great morsels of wisdom contained here, like “Don’t ever pass on a free beer” and “only beer can tell you the truth.” Take a read for yourself.



So his boss Ken gave his a new paint job.

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