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If you love Flying Dog Brewery, you’ll love George (the Dog’s Founder and Owner) and Patti Stranahan (his wife).  George and Patti recently sat down with Plum TV (Aspen) at their home in Woody Creek, CO and reflected on their amazing lives.  In this 8-minute video, they talk about:

  • The “March of the Innnocents” which is what George called his 1983 adventure with 13 other “hippie mountain climbers” to the top of K2
  • How they came up with the name “Flying Dog”
  • Their relationship with Hunter S. Thompson and blowing shit up together
  • The launch of the world-famous Woody Creek Tavern

This 8-minute video is an absolute must see for anyone who’s ever enjoyed a Flying Dog beer.

Click here or the photo of George to see the video.



The Flying Dog crew wants to invite everyone in Colorado to come drink some beers with us! We are hosting a “Tweet-Up” at the Blake Street Tavern on Tuesday, January 13th from 6-8! This is a great opportunity to drink some Flying Dog beers you may not have had a chance to try or your all time favorite brew for FREE! Blake Street Tavern carries all of our “pack” brews on draft and all of our Canis Major beers in bottles. We will be buying the People’s Republic of Flying Dog brews and appetizers and you get a free pint glass if you say a secret code. Check out our twitter page for that code!

See you on Tuesday! Cheers!



Just like a lot of other companies, we recognize the best of the best employees at the end of the year.  We just happen to call our top award something a little different: ALPHA BITCH

This isn’t some kind of phony award where the big shots pick the person who kisses the best ass.  Nope. Alpha Bitch is a big deal here at Flying Dog.  All of the Mutts cast a vote and take it super serious.

This year, our Alpha Bitch, as voted by the people is Inventory Specialist, Justin Livengood.

2008 Alpha Bitch, Justin Livengood

The only downside to Justin winning this award was that he was in Mexico on his honeymoon and wasn’t able to accept the award in person.

So, we’ll do a cyber congrats to Justin for both winning the Alpha Bitch award and getting hitched.



Yes, us Mutts here at Flying Dog are some of the luckiest dogs in the world.  Not only do we work in the great industry (BEER!) but we also work for a great company.

Check out this photo taken at our recent Holiday Party where Heather, Jeff, Nick and Erich showed off their brand spankin’ new Flying Dog “wing” tatts.

Now that’s the spirit!

Flying Dog Tats!

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A few weeks age we started a contest that gives you the chance to win free shit from us just by rating our beer on twitter. Technically the contest ended two hours ago, but we’re going to give everyone more chances to win. We’ve gotten a bunch of entries so far, but why not enter to win more free shit!

We’re going to extend the deadine to rate our beer on Beerdo and get entered in this giveaway (see above link for more if you have no idea what we’re talking about). So you now have until January 1 at 12:00AM (that’s New Year’s for those of you keeping track).

Good luck and enjoy your beers!



Being Flying Dog, we do things a little differently, including season’s greetings.

Flying Dog 2008 Holiday Card

But we’re not just inundating you with a holiday card with no substance.

Pair Your Holiday Food With Flying Dog Beer

Different beers pair with different foods, so use this guide for picking out the perfect beer to pair with various courses of your holiday feast.

Christmas Pairings:
Sharp Cheddar and Crackers: Double Dog Double Pale Ale
Candied yams: Old Scratch Amber Lager
Ham or Turkey: Kerberos Tripel
Pecan Pie: Gonzo Imperial Porter

Hanukkah Pairings:
Latkes and Apple Sauce: In-Heat Wheat Hefeweizen
Brisket: Gonzo Imperial Porter or Road Dog Porter
Jelly Donuts: Kerberos Tripel

Festivus Pairings:
Meatloaf: Old Scratch Amber Lager



There’s a new beer rating website these days. It’s called Beerdo. The beauty of this wonderful concept is that you can rate beers via twitter. So the next time you’re sampling some beer and not near your computer, you can just send a txt review to twitter (set up your cell phone on twitter here, if you haven’t already).

To sweeten the deal, for the next two weeks any Flying Dog beer reviewed on Beerdo will be entered in a contest to win some Flying Dog shit. We’ll draw a name at random and the lucky winner will receive some awesome Flying Dog merch. We’ll also be giving out prizes to some of the more creative descriptions of our beer. Think of it as our Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus present to you.

Contest begins now, and ends at Noon EST on December 19, 2008.

Here’s how to rate a beer via Beero from twitter:

    1. Create a new tweet.
    2. Start it with @beerdo
    3. Next, type the name of the beer you’re rating. For example, Flying Dog Doggie Style Pale Ale
    4. To rate your beer, use 1-5 exclamation points (1 is low, 5 is awesome)
    5. You can then use the rest of your message to describe the beer you’re drinking.

So your tweet would look something like this:

    @beerdo Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter !!!!! This beer is as big as Hunter’s reputation, and I love the massive but balanced brew.

We’ll be monitoring all tweets with “@beerdo” and “flying Dog” in them, so make sure your reviews about our beers contain those terms.

We’re really excited about Beerdo for a bunch of reasons. One of those is that it’s a unique and innovative way to rate beers on the fly. So if you’re at a bar and trying Double Dog for the first time, it’s easiest to review the beer as you’re drinking it.

So tweet away, fans of Flying Dog!



We now have a winner of the Flying Dog Label Bag Giveaway contest. Ben from Tempe, Arizona is the lucky winner of the bag – since it went to a man, I suppose it’s actually a European Men’s Carry-All. Whatever you want to call it, it’s a pretty bad-ass bag and we’re sorry we couldn’t just give one to everyone.

We contacted Ben and he told us that he’s part of a non-profit Homebrew club. There’s a chance that Ben’s going to raffle off the bag to help support the club, so you might get a chance to be generous and stylish at the same time (if you win the potential raffle).

Stay tuned to this blog or our twitter feed for more unique contests as they happen! You don’t want to miss getting some of these cool one-of-a-kind-type gifts. Thanks for playing and good luck to the non-winners in the future (another term for non-winner is loser).



If you’ve ever been over to the other side of the pond, you probably know the name Tesco.  Tesco is the world’s fourth largest retailer and every year they approve a few new beer brands to be sold in their stores.  It’s a heated competition and a pretty big deal to have your beer approved for distribution.

So we were excited to have our Classic Pale Ale approved, but even more excited when Gonzo Imperial Porter was ALSO approved. Of the four spots available, Flying Dog took TWO!

For more details, click here or on the image below:

Flying Dog Cleans Up at Tesco Drinks Awards

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The next time you’re in Singpore, you’ll be able to enjoy a little slice of home in the form of Flying Dog beer.  That’s right, Flying Dog is now proudly served in Singapore.  Our friends at Beerstyle Distribution kicked off The Dog’s introduction into Southeast Asia this past weekend with a bevy of activities.

Flying Dog is officially available in Singapore!

Check out the rest of the photos they sent us here.

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