The nectar of Ye Gods will be released on Monday, February 6. Our iconic Gonzo Imperial Porter meets both bourbon and rum barrels, a dark and mysterious reality that most believe could only be a thing of dreams. 

Following outstanding results with the Class of 2016, our brewers once again went down the road to A. Smith Bowman Distillery in Fredericksburg, Virginia for oak bourbon barrels seasoned to perfection. After three months in these barrels, Gonzo has taken on vanilla notes from the oak and soft whiskey warmth in addition to its already robust roast, chocolate and coffee malt character. 

For the third year in a row, we continued the great experiment of Rum Barrel-Aged-Gonzo. These Caribbean rum barrels impart a distinct and warming sweetness to this malt monster. Trying both varieties alongside the OG (Original Gonzo) may show you the reason why you’re on this earth. 

The brewery is the only place you can get 750 ml bottles of each, so cash in one of those sick days and get in line on Monday, February 6. Check out all of our release party details (including small-plate pairings and live art) and commemorate the occasion with a limited-edition Barrel-Aged Gonzo snifter. 




New Year, new beers. Dryuary, eat shit. 

Our Brewhouse Rarities and Single Hop Imperial IPA series return for 2017 with new styles, new ingredients, new processes and new hop varieties. Here’s a look at our first releases of the year.

Brewhouse Rarities Salt & Pepper Tripel

Our Brewhouse Rarities series is the opportunity for everyone’s voice to be heard. When Kerry, a former tour guide and now nursing student at Dusquesne University, took her first sip of a Belgian Tripel, she went craft and never looked back. Her concept of a Salt and Pepper Tripel was so intriguing to our brewmaster that he didn’t mind working with her long-distance to bring it to fruition. 

Thanks to modern technology and pilot-batch Crowler deliveries, the ingredients were dialed in over the last few months. What makes this rarity unique? The combination of pink Himalayan sea salt, which reminded Kerry of Flying Dog’s earliest beginnings on K2, and black peppercorn, combined with Belgian yeast maintains the lovely, disarming notes of citrus and banana while making room for sultry notes of pepper and salt. Its 8.2% ABV is hidden amongst these delicious flavors and is sure to keep you warm. Kerry say’s it’s her little black dress, great for any occasion and pairs perfectly with a big, hearty chili. /mic drop

Single Hop Series Denali

Now in its sixth year, we continue to showcase new and cutting-edge hop varieties in our Single Hop Imperial IPA series. Our brewers have never worked with any of the hops in our 2017 releases. (Best blind date ever.) Our first foray, Denali, is newly-graduated from experimental hop status and our COO and Brewmaster duo of Matt Brophy and Ben Clark made a point to snatch it up during their annual hop-selection trip to Yakima Valley. It packs a unique blend of pineapple, pine and citrus. 

Here’s the back of the card stats for the beer geeks:

  • ABV: 8%
  • IBUs: 75
  • Specialty malts: Pale, Rye, Carapils, Biscuit
  • Hop: Denali

As always, you can pick up these beauties at the source. Salt and Pepper Tripel will be unleashed today in our tasting room and it’s hitting shelves across the Mid-Atlantic as you read this. Denali will be available in the tasting room on January 20, and will hit shelves the following week




The first thing you notice is his enormous horn. Then, you see he has a cute face, nice body, and a charming personality. But mostly you just notice his enormous horn.

Along with writing the date incorrectly for the last week and a half, a New Year means the annual release of Horn Dog, our traditional English Barley Wine that’s a reminder that craft beer is equal parts innovation and tradition.

At 10.2% this Barley Wine has a malty sweet profile with hints of brown fruits (i.e. figs, dates, raisins) and a warming alcohol tingle made for these icy January evenings. For the optimal experience, pair it with a creamy blue or Stilton cheese, jerk spices, or rum-flavored desserts.

Stop by this weekend and see how 2017 Horn Dog stacks up against the previous five years. That’s right; we’ve got FIVE VINTAGES OF HORN DOG. We’ve already done the cellaring for you and, let’s be honest, not drinking Horn Dog is the hardest part of the process. Mixed six packs containing 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016 vintages along with a pair of this year’s release will be available for purchase Saturday, January 14 through Sunday, January 15. (Limit one six pack per person while supplies last.)

In the name of science, our brewmaster lined up these five Horn Dogs after breakfast to see how each beer had aged. After a thorough sampling of each vintage alongside the 2017 Horn Dog, the most noticeable feature was an increase in aromatic sweetness for each year the beer was aged. As an English Barley Wine, Horn Dog does not have a strong hop characteristic to begin with, however there is also a reduced amount of bitterness for each year the beer aged as well. Whether you like your Horn Dog right off the line or back in time, we’ve got one for you.

Track down 2017 Horn Dog and tweet ahead to your favorite shops to reserve your 2017 Horn Dog when it hits shelves on Monday, January 16. Or you can pick Horn Dog up in our tasting room starting this Wednesday, January 11.




The looming shadows are a sign, the Dragon Lady will descend upon Frederick in the coming days. 

We’re speaking, of course, about our collaboration-sequel with the National Museum of Civil War Medicine. In our second installment, we honor the work of Dorothea “Dragon Lady” Dix. During the war between the states, she served as Superintendent of Nurses in the Union Army and earned a reputation as a badass fighting for the improved treatment of soldiers, mental-health patients and prisoners, which she continued well after the war. 

Our Dragon Lady is a saison brewed with wintergreen, which was used by medical professionals for its antirheumatic, antispasmodic, antiseptic and carminative properties. It was also widely used as a pain killer at the time. We find this Dragon Lady kills a bit of the pain as well, at 5.4% she is sessionable, but one to keep your eyes on.

This will be an extremely limited release — only available in Frederick and select Northern Virginia locations — so book that Airbnb in Downtown Frederick, get your name on an upcoming brewery tour as well as the museum and check out our release events.

Mercy Street Season 2 Advanced Screening
January 12, 2017

Mercy Street, inspired by real people and events, goes beyond the front lines of the Civil War and into the chaotic world of the Mansion House Hospital in Union-occupied Alexandria, Virginia. The PBS Original Series is getting ready to kick off the second season and you’re getting a sneak peak. Join us as we welcome members of the cast and crew of Mercy Street for an exclusive screening of the first episode of the second season at the Weinberg Center for the Arts. The event is free, but you must register to secure your spot. Doors will open at 6 pm when attendees will be greeted with a sample of Dragon Lady, the screening will start promptly at 7 pm, followed by a panel discussion with:

  • Lisa Q. Wolfinger, Co-creator, and Executive Producer
  • Tara Summers, Mercy Street’s Nurse Hastings
  • Jake Wynn, Historian and Program Coordinator at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine

Flying Dog Brewery Tasting Room Release
January 20, 2017

The tasting room staff latched on to the fact that cross-dressing was a popular past time during the Civil War. Women would dress as men to get enlisted, men would dress as women to avoid being called to arms. Dorothea “Dragon Lady” Dix was no exception. She was known for wearing “men’s clothes” throughout her tenure in the army and beyond as she found it more practical for caring for her patients. With all of this in mind, the team decided to host a drag party so while we always encourage you to be yourself, feel free to come as someone else. 

Flying Dog University class at Civil War Medicine Museum
February 10, 2017

Flying Dog University will host a 30-minute class on the development of the beer at the Civil War Medicine Museum, along with a guided tasting and food pairing from The Wine Kitchen’s Chef Jeff. It will conclude with an after-hours tour of the museum that highlights the Dorothea Dix story.

If you can’t make it to to the events and you’re worried you’ll never leave the brewery grounds once you visit, be sure to take a spin on the Beer Finder to see the locations you can find it in the wild.




In our continual effort to be innovators of higher beer education at Flying Dog University, we’re taking on brunch with our wildly popular Cooking with Beer series. Held at The Kitchen Studio Cooking School, you will learn the dynamics of cooking with a variety of beer styles to take your Sunday Funday to the next level. The class includes dishes made with and then paired with beer and will conclude with a family-style brunch.

What will you be cooking?

  • Brioche Doughnut Holes with Gonzo Caramel Dipping Sauce
  • Doggie Style Pale Ale Shrimp and Grits
  • Eggs Sardou with The Truth Hollandaise and Roasted Potatoes

Sign up now for Cooking For Beer Brunch on Sunday, January 29 at The Kitchen Studio. Then, check out our winter/spring Cooking with Beer dates: 

The finest print: Each Flying Dog University course ends with a tasting of Flying Dog beers. All attendees must be 21 or older. All sales are final and classes are non-transferrable or refundable. 




North Pole Police Report

Date of Incident: Wednesday, November 30, 2016
Location: Frederick, Maryland, USA
Reporting Officer: I.P. Freely

Detail of Incident: Throughout the evening of Wednesday, November 30, there were numerous noise complaints throughout the city of Frederick, Maryland. The reports were centralized around 12 locations where it is believed that a group of bearded individuals may have been spreading unauthorized Christmas cheer. Numerous eye-witness reports indicate that so-called “Jingle Balls” were distributed with the explicit intent to increase Holiday Spirit.

After reviewing CCTV images, it was discovered that the bearded individuals also left calling cards attached to the Jingle Balls (see photographic evidence NPPD.0076842.0002). These cards have redeemable prizes expiring on December 24, 2016 at the local brewery, Flying Dog, which has been under investigation by this department for the past three years due to their creation and packaging of The Holiday Collection, a group of undocumented Christmas Spirits.

Please note the following APB: Anyone who comes across a Jingle Ball of any kind, please report it by Instagramming it, tagging @FlyingDogBrewery, and including #JingleBalls. Afterwards, take the Jingle Ball and attached prize to Flying Dog Brewery at 4607 Wedgewood Blvd, Frederick, MD 21703 by December 24, 2016, where we will have an officer waiting to take your statement and present you with your reward. Please note that no one under the age of 21 is allowed in the brewery. A valid ID is required.

Once all Jingle Balls have been located, one lucky Instagrammer will also receive a behind-the-scenes brewery adventure to include a tour, tasting and lunch with a freshly-showered member of the Flying Dog Social Media team. (Offer valid for redemption Monday – Friday before February 1, 2017. Winners must be 21+ and ice-cold, because what’s cooler than being cool?)

Photographic Evidence: The following images we’re obtained from CCTV and security cameras in various locations.




Location of Incident(s): This map highlights the areas where it is believed that the Jingle Balls were hung.





Our Holiday Collection is available now…and just in time to deal with whatever 2016 has left in store for us. Comprised of four brand-new, limited-edition beers inspired by Baltimore’s iconic Otterbein’s Bakery, it includes Raspberry Leaf Ale, Horchata Lager, Christmas IPA and Baltic Porter. Get cozy by the fire while we dive into each new genius creation.


RASPBERRY LEAF ALE, inspired by Otterbein’s Lemon Sugar Cookies, uses real raspberries and raspberry leaves to create a bright, fruity and slightly tart ale that finishes with a tea-like bitterness. After you’ve hung the stockings with care, pour this slightly pink-hued ale into your glass and admire your work alongside ours.


HORCHATA LAGER, inspired by Otterbein’s Sugar Cookies (and the Latin American classic), is straight-up snickerdoodle-in-your-mouth. After tinkering in the workshop, our brewers landed on a crisp and clean lager, which balances out the traditional aromas and flavors of cinnamon, vanilla and caramel. 


CHRISTMAS IPA, inspired by Otterbein’s Orange White Chocolate Chip Cookies, is a staple of the #ElfDiet and the very essence of Christmas in a bottle. Tangerine and spruce, the lifeblood of the old Tannebaum, create a bold citrus, resinous and refreshing IPA that was designed to help you get through those all-night wrap battles.


BALTIC PORTER, inspired by Otterbein’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, is the dark, mysterious member of the group. Brewed with star anise and a robust combination of Munich, Brown, Black and Chocolate malts, this slightly smoky porter warms from head to toe.

The Holiday Collection makes the perfect holiday gift for the craft beer lovers and foodies in your life, hipster camera not included. So head into our tasting room or track it down near you



Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

We are artisans and believe that working with likeminded locals boosts the collective creativity of our hometown. Our most recent collaboration is with the Frederick-based fashion startup Fred and Co. 1745 for a limited-edition clothing line that premieres at the brewery on Sunday, December 11.

True to our love of all that is handcrafted, each item is made by-hand in the U.S. of A. We aren’t great with a needle, so we worked closely with Fred & Co. on the designs, ensuring each piece would become something all of Frederick will wear with pride. 

Limited quantities of each item were made, so head to the brewery on December 11 from noon to 6 pm to wear a part of Frederick history. 

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

Pennant Tee

A trip to the pub doesn’t have end in a night of regret. Never again will you fear that the shirt you were wearing may have turned a potential mate away. With this 100% combed cotton t-shirt, your body will feel at ease, like warm-and-fuzzy at ease. The vintage pennant graphic detail will give you the confidence to approach all situations with a sense of purpose, as you’ll see others wondering if that shirt is vintage or just looks vintage. Either way, they’re impressed. And you aren’t going home alone tonight.

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

F x FD Tee

Trips to the mall season after season (most of which preceded by a donation trip to Goodwill) may have attempted to take away your God-given right of free choice. Take it back with this 100% combed cotton t-shirt. The “Born Free” detail on the upper back reiterates what everyone was already thinking when you walked by. The collaborative graphic on the front embodies both the size of your heart and where it lives, which is right here in Frederick.

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

F x FD Sweatshirt

The evolution of the sweatshirt has been a well-documented phenomenon. What was once a practical matter that required a practical solution has become a farce. Too often we see sweatshirts with holes, zippers, pockets and other nooks for storage of every trendy thing you can imagine — from headphone wires (RIP) to Chinese food containers. This 100% combed cotton heathered gray crewneck sweatshirt has no interest in trending on Twitter and being forgotten by lunch time. It wants to comfort you. It wants to be your best friend and your go-to person when you are in need. 

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

F x FD Hat

No tree is complete with a topper. Our angel is this maroon twill, flat-brim hat with Fred & Co.’s signature “F” embroidered on the front. Maybe you are already an icon of style. Maybe you’re trying to cover up male pattern baldness…or the fact that you didn’t shower today. No one will ask because the iconic batwing logo embroidered above the leather adjustable strap will lead them to understand that you are a person of taste and substance. Go on with your bad self.

Aren’t familiar with our boys at Fred & Co 1745? Allow us to enlighten.

1745 was the year land speculator Daniel Dulany geographically laid out “Frederick Town.” Fast forward a couple hundred years and two other fine gentlemen, AJ Naylor and Chaz Stitely, were both born and raised in Frederick. After gaining experience working at various apparel retailers, Naylor felt a sense of quality and sustainability was missing in the fashion industry. Stitely, with both an educational and experience-driven background in tourism and local history, shared the same notion. The duo combined backgrounds to create sustainable apparel with timelessness, durability and quality. “Slow Fashion,” the choice to buy higher-quality apparel less frequently, is Fred & Co.’s rebellion against the fashion industry. And we love them for it. 




No longer will you watch in horror as Grandma unleashes a fury of punches at Hallmark on Black Friday. Avoid the mob and stop by the brewery on Friday, November 25 for The Cider Revue, a day dedicated to our Orchard Ale collaboration with Distillery Lane Ciderworks

Distillery Lane Ciderworks is one of only three cideries in Maryland and was started 12 years ago by Rob and Patty, a husband-and-wife team. They planted 600 trees in the first year and now have 3,000 trees and 50 different varieties. All apples are picked by hand and all of their ciders are made from estate-grown apples. Bonus: They’re located in Jefferson, Maryland, which is just 13 miles from the brewery.

Orchard Ale is is a blend of two parts Blonde Ale mixed with one part cider from Distillery Lane. The cider we use includes a mix of Bulmer’s Norman, Tremlett’s Bitters and Summer Rambo apples. Yeah, you read that right. Summer Rambo Apples. We added Hallertau hops for bittering and the end result is a crisp green apple flavor complimented by subtle Belgian yeast notes. You’ll be able to try this year’s Orchard Ale alongside our 2015 Orchard Ale, which has been hibernating in a foeder (a giant wooden vessel for aging) for the last tenth of a decade with brettanomyces.

For those who love waiting in line, GET HERE EARLY. We’ll be releasing 200 Crowlers of the 2015 Foeder-Aged Orchard Ale (limit 1 per person) ONLY while supplies last. We’ll also have all of the shank-a-stranger sales that come with the holiday — because #capitalism — so shop our Black Friday sale while you’re here. 

Then, learn more with Flying Dog University.

After our tasting room release, elevate your cider IQ at Flying Dog University’s class on The Cider Making Process on Saturday, December 3. This course will explore the parallels between brewing beer and making cider, with each student making (and taking home) a case of their own dry-hopped hard cider. The day begins at Distillery Lane where you will tour the orchard, learn the basics of making cider, and make your own hard cider. Then, the class will move to Flying Dog Brewery for lunch, a brewery tour and guided tasting of the 2015 Foeder-Aged Orchard Ale and the 2016 Orchard Ale. To bring it all full circle, you’ll take home a Crowler of each Orchard Ale release.





2016 has not been easy, we’re all due for a win. In light of the year that has been, we’d like to invite everyone over to grab a beer and ‘member the good times. We’ll be at the brewery waiting for you with a draft of Naughty or Nice or both if you’re unlisted.

‘Member Simone Biles? ‘Member Chewbacca Mom? ‘Member Beyoncé? This year, since they were on their best behavior, they’re taking home Nice Holiday Milk Stout. Dashing in at a toasty 7.2% ABV, this treat is brewed with roasted barley, chocolate and caramel malts, and oats. It’s basically Ensure for Santa; All the holiday spirit a growing Father Christmas needs in one easy-to-drink stout. 

‘Member Lochte? ‘Member clowns? ‘Member Ken Bone? They’re all taking home Naughty Egg Nog Ale. Even the bad guys had it rough, so we took another approach to Naughty and tried to recreate Uncle Norm’s favorite Christmas dish by adding cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla beans into an ale that even Belsnickel could find enjoyment in. This 8.4% ABV treat is also a great pregame beer for any Naughty holiday activities, so let the vicious cycle continue.

If you haven’t had a taste yet, get it at our final release party of the year  on Thursday when we unleash Brewhouse Rarities Sea Salt Caramel Brown and Heat Series Jalapeño White Ale.

As always, if you can’t make it to the brewery be sure to take a spin on the Beer Finder. We hope you’ll stop by for a visit in 2017.

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