We’re not very a very patient bunch, especially when we’re hot, bothered, and worn down from the dog days of summer.

So when that first batch of our fall seasonal, Dogtoberfest Märzen, goes into the tank to ferment for 49 days (the longest out of all of our beer), we’re a touch antsy.

But when this sleeping beast of 100% imported German hops and malt awakens from its fermentation slumber, we’re excited. So excited that we shoot video of it on the bottling line and set it to trendy music:

Break out your leiderhosen and dust off your stein, jungen und mädchen. Dogtoberfest is coming!



After hours of yelling, begging, pleading, name-calling, and bottle-throwing madness, we’ve chosen the winners of our “Why is Raging Bitch the Perfect Beer for Carrie Nation” contest.

Jaye Greene and Travis Skillings will each receive our brand new Raging Bitch t-shirt. Here’s why:

Jaye said: “Raging Bitch is the perfect beer for Carrie Nation because throughout American history, women have had to fight loudly and aggressively to be taken seriously at all. Consider the times in which Carrie Nation lived – she along with many women had absolutely NO rights or say over their own lives and unfortunately temperance/prohibition was one of the only shots many women had. Raging Bitch is the perfect beer for Carrie Nation because she earned her right to the title.”

And Travis said: “Raging Bitch is the perfect beer for Carrie Nation because its superior taste attacks your taste buds like a hatchet and like all great provocateurs they make us re-think what we thought we knew.”

[INSERT OBLIGATORY “thanks to everyone for entering our contest” HERE]



In Patrick’s Irish Pub, located in downtown Frederick, MD, there’s a little sign on the bar that reads, “All Nations Welcome But Carrie.”

That sign is referring to Carrie Nation, the infamous member of the “temperance movement,” a group that opposed (that’s right, opposed) alcohol in pre-Prohibition America.

Carrie, who was notorious for attacking bars with a hatchet (yes, a hatchet), once described herself as “a bulldog running along at the feet of Jesus, barking at what He doesn’t like.” If you want to learn more about this bulldog, check out the Wikipedia article on Carrie.

About 120 years later, Flying Dog releases Raging Bitch. And we think it’s the perfect beer for Carrie. But we want you to tell us why.

In the Frederick area? Come to Patrick’s on Thursday, July 7 at 8 pm. Our Frederick-area market manager Abby Casarella will buy your first pint if she likes your answer.

Can’t make it to Patrick’s? Tell us on our Facebook page. The only rule is that you must preface your response with “Raging Bitch is the perfect beer for Carrie Nation because…” Just like 6th grade English. And kind of like Jeopardy. But in this case, you’re Alex fucking Trebek.

On Monday, July 12 we’ll pick a few winners. Ladies will receive our new Raging Bitch Pride Tee. Gents, you’ll get our new Raging Bitch Pimp Hand Tee.








This week, our Cellar Queen Lisa Adams, CEO Jim Caruso, VP of Brewing Operations Matt Brophy, VP of Marketing Ben Savage, and Head Brewer Bob Malone visited Stillpoint Farm, a sustainable farm that has acres of hop fields in Mt. Airy, Maryland.

Owner Tom Barse showed them around the farm, which grows a number of varieties, including Cascade, Golding, Nugget, Chinook, and Fuggle hops. Tom explained that Cascade hops grow the best in Maryland’s hot and humid summer climate.

We’ll be getting some fresh hops from Tom’s next harvest in about 3 to 4 weeks for our firkins.



Doggie Style in The New York Times

Yesterday, we got some pretty awesome news.

A panel, put together by The New York Times’ Eric Asimov, reviewed the nation’s best American Pale Ales. Our Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale was rated No. 1, beating out the likes of Samuel Adams, Dogfish Head, Oskar Blues, Lagunitas, and Sierra Nevada.

“Our consensus favorite, the Doggie Style Classic from Flying Dog, was one of the hoppier beers in the tasting, with a clean, crisp, almost bracing bitterness, like a pilsner,” Asimov said. “For a beer that calls itself ‘classic,’ it pushes the boundaries of the pale ale style. Nonetheless, it was fresh, balanced and a pleasure to drink.”

In addition to our individual accolade, Asimov touched on the kinds of things that get us out of bed in the morning.

“Nowadays, American brewers are among the most creative in the world, in the vanguard of pushing and transforming established styles of beer.”

He continued, “all of us were impressed by the consistently high quality of these beers. American brewers seem to have this style down cold, although we found more than a few variations on the theme…What all these beers had in common, however, was balance and harmony. You could drink them over a long afternoon in the sun, whether at a ballgame, a barbecue or the beach, and still feel refreshed and energetic.”

Read the full New York Times article. Obviously, we recommend perusing it with a cold Doggie Style in hand.



Chances are you have wasted hours of your life trying to find your car keys. You know the drill: Anger, cursing, and irritation of the highest order (especially when you discover them in the most obvious place).

The misplaced cell phone is another beast: Anxiety and fear quickly followed by panic. (That’s right. You didn’t need insurance on that fancy new smart phone.)

Similar emotions can be felt when you can’t find Flying Dog beer. But not anymore:

Introducing the new “Find Our Beer” feature on our website*.

Now, whether you are in Plano, Texas or Peabody, Massachusetts, it will only take seconds to locate your favorite Flying Dog brews at the location nearest you. All you need is your zip code.

* Flying Dog Brewery apologizes in advance if making it easier to find our beer results in more lost keys and misplaced cell phones.



In Fear and Loathing in America, Hunter S. Thompson described his “homebase fortress” in Woody Creek, Colorado as “a very important psychic anchor for me, a crucial grounding point where I always knew I had love, friends & good neighbors….When I made that hairpin turn up the hill onto Woody Creek Road, I knew I was safe.”

No matter where our road takes us, we will always remain loyal to our own Colorado roots – from Woody Creek to Aspen to Denver.

This Thursday, June 24, we’re opening up a new Denver tap room to feed our frenzy of Rocky Mountain fans, friends, and neighbors.

From 4 to 6 pm, we’ll be giving out free samples of our 20th anniversary Raging Bitch Belgian-Style IPA and summer seasonal Woody Creek White Belgian Wit. Additional pints and bottles can be purchased for $4 to $5, along with Flying Dog merchandise.

The tap room is tucked away on the corner of Broadway, Arapahoe, and Park Avenue West. Admittedly, it’s a little tough to find (even when we aren’t a few pints into the night). The address is 2330 Broadway, Suite 104, but a map’s a a bit more helpful:

Denver tasting room map

The tap room will be open throughout the summer on Thursdays and Fridays from 4 to 6 pm.



Bobby Lee Rodgers


His website says…

Rock and roll…it’s rarely had a more exuberant, beautifully crafted infusion than Bobby Lee Rodgers. His music exhibits a passionate commitment to fundamentals that makes every note solid and sweet, constantly reminding the listener of rock’s bedrock pleasures.

What you really want to know…

  • Latest album: Overdrive (featuring Jimmy Herring, lead guitarist from Wide Spread Panic)
  • Quintessential track: “Overdrive”
  • He’s a soul man: Bobby was a longtime playmate of James Brown’s children
  • Call him Doogie: Bobby’s on the books as the youngest professor to teach at Berklee College of Music
  • What he’ll be drinking at Bentz St. after the show: Old Scratch Amber Lager

Pamela Parker and the San Francisco Review

Volunteer Appreciation Day at Hayes Valley Farm

Her website says…

Pamela Parker is a multi-faceted artist with the musicality and passion of Teena Marie, the grit of Janis Joplin, and the songwriting and melodic ear of Bonnie Raitt. She fuses the elements of rock, opera, funk, and hip hop to form an inspirational live music experience.

What you really want to know…

  • Latest album: Beautiful Day
  • Quintessential track: “Beautiful Day”
  • Back to Market: Pamela used to live in Frederick, MD
  • She wants the funk: Pamela’s shared the stage with members of George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic
  • What she’ll be drinking at Bentz St. after the show: Raging Bitch Belgian-Style IPA

Justin Kalk Orchestra

Justin Kalk Orchestra

Their website says…

With his Nashville-based orchestra, Justin Kalk pens and performs a fresh brand of rock & roll, hip hop, bluegrass, and jazz-influenced pop sounds. The songs are monsters packed with catchy vocals, Olympic solos, swampy organ, and a radical evolution of bass and beat madness.

What you really want to know…

  • Latest album: Blue Sky Traffic
  • Quintessential song: “I’ve Changed Too”
  • Stomach of steel: Justin’s favorite food is marshmallow and anchovy pizza
  • Gonzo connection: Blue Sky Traffic‘s album art legendary Gonzo artist Ralph Steadman designed their debut album’s cover
  • What they’ll be drinking at Bentz St. after the show: Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale

Saturday, June 19. Baker Park in downtown Frederick, Maryland. 3 to 8 pm.



Jam with Flying Dog at a free concert Saturday, June 19 at the Baker Park band shell in downtown Frederick, MD.

From 3 to 8 pm, Justin Kalk Orchestra, Pamela Parker and the San Francisco Review, and Bobby Lee Rodgers will perform.

Since Baker Park is a (ahem) dry venue, we’re having an after-party at Bentz Street Sports Bar. More details on that to come…

Until then, we’ll let our Winnie do the talking around town.

Free Concert



Sail off into the sunset with Flying Dog. Every Tuesday in June, Schooner Woodwind Annapolis Sailing Cruises is holding a Flying Dog beer tasting during their Sunset Sail.

Our Woody Creek White Belgian Wit, Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale, and Road Dog Porter will be featured on the Woodwind, a 74-foot schooner custom designed for the Chesapeake Bay. A different Flying Dog mutt will be on deck each week to talk about the different brews and explain the brewing process.

The cruise begins at the Annapolis Marriott Waterfront Hotel and takes passengers past the United States Naval Academy and under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, as the sun sets along the Annapolis skyline.

For tickets, call Schooner Woodwind at 410-263-7837.

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