In the summer of 2001, Ryan Daughtridge had one year of college under his belt when he first stepped on a longboard. It didn’t take long for Ryan’s dad’s barn in Hagerstown, Maryland to be converted into a skateboard factory and the birthplace of Bustin’ Boards. Fast forward 16 years and Bustin’ is now known for developing the most advanced skateboards on the planet.

We have a lot of friends (with benefits) here at Flying Dog. And any chance we get to keep things local really puts a strain on our zipper, so when we learned about Bustin’, a collaboration was inevitable. After a rendezvous involving more than a few beers and crab cakes, the Flying Dog + Bustin Bamboo-X Modela 33 was born.

Not quite a long board, not a short board, this Goldilocks-board handles all your needs: From pushing around the city to a trip to the skatepark. It’s smooth and stylish enough to take to your high-end finance job on Wall Street, and also has the ability to let you pop that Ollie on your way in and impress Janice in accounting.

The board will be released on Wednesday, June 7, at Gunther and Co., just minutes from Bustin’ Boards new home at City Garage in Baltimore. Grab your mom’s checkbook for your one chance to get your hands on one of only 20 boards produced.

We’re also raffling off one board to support Each 1 / Reach 1, Bustin’s community skate initiative that refurbishes boards for less-fortunate kids and adults. Donate an old board and get a raffle ticket plus a 30%-off coupon code good for anything on Bustin’s site.

Until then, learn more about Bustin’s story on the latest episode of our podcast Head Retention Radio.



Dig if you will Paloma. This cocktail-inspired beer first caught our attention last May at the annual Brewhouse Rarities pitch session, a gathering where anyone in our tribe can suggest new beers. Brewer Todd Kelly, who spends his days on our pilot system, arrived on top the mountain with a five-gallon pitcher of the tequila-based cocktail and his good manners. We could go on and on, but no one tells it better than Todd.

Q: What inspired you to pitch this concept?  
Todd: I would describe the culture at Flying Dog as a weird combination of passion for brewing great craft beer and pushing boundaries with a splash of sarcasm. A deconstructed Honey Paloma cocktail, at the heart of this beer, is an IPA brewed with blue agave, honey, grapefruit, lime, and a splash of black currant to make it a little pink! This one is for the beer geeks that have a secret love for a pink fruity drink with an umbrella in it.

Q: What flavor profile are you aiming for?
Todd: The Honey Paloma is a tequila cocktail with grapefruit soda and juice as a base with honey and lime. This beer has a huge grapefruit character with honey and lime in the background, and it’s a little boozy, like a cocktail should be.

Q: Why do you love this beer?
Todd: I love IPAs. I secretly love pink fruity drinks with umbrellas. 

Q: Why should lovers of Flying Dog be excited about trying it?
Todd: Honey Paloma was brewed using many ingredients fans may recognize in a few of our other beers, imagined in a different way. While complex enough to sit around and ponder it’s nuances, this beer is meant to be enjoyed with a side of levity. Pair it with burritos and your guilty pleasure playlist. #juicy 

Enjoy it at the brewery or track it down starting May 17. Umbrellas sold separately.




There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that light is knowing that Dead Rise returns on Friday, May 5. That euphoric feeling is natural. Let it wash over you. We’ll wait.

It also feels good to know we put the world’s first and only OLD BAY Summer Ale in a can. After that they jumped into boxes twelve-at-a-time, creating the perfect briefcase for your summer office…if your summer office is located on a beach, a boat, a hammock or a newspaper-lined picnic table. 

To celebrate this aligning of the galaxy, we’ve arranged an evening marking the return of the crab. We’ll have crab cakes from Roasthouse Pub and a Dead Rise crab-shaped cake from the other wizards in DC, Buttercream Bake Shop. Add cans of Dead Rise into the mix on our patio for a Friday that would make any Marylander proud. Sperrys not required, but you do have to wear something on your feet. We’re not savages.

The Summer of Dead Rise has returned. Make room in the cooler and start your summer here.



“OK! OK! I know I look like a fish. I talk like a fish, but forget it! I don’t feel like a fish anymore, things have moved on. I’m a laboratory failure. That’s evolution, Honey! It’s over – find someone else.”
– Ralph Steadman

Speaking of evolution, Summer Rental is the sixth beer to graduate from Brewhouse Rarity to a standard release in our seasonal portfolio. You may remember last summer’s Brewhouse Rarities Hibiscus Grapefruit Radler as one of the few good things to happen in 2016. Need a refresher? 

Radler, German for cyclist, was born of necessity. In the roaring ’20s when biking and drinking was all the rage, an entrepreneurial innkeeper built a trail from nearby Munich to his establishment. One fine day, he found himself with more bikers than beer, roughly 13,000 to be exact. To keep his customers happy and with beer in hand, he stretched out his supply by making a 50/50 mix of beer and lemon soda.

We opted for a light lager brewed with grapefruit and passionfruit to create this refreshing, very low (4.5%) ABV offering. Slightly sweet and slightly tart with a crisp dry finish, this beer is a perfect starting point for any holdouts who have been waiting for the right beverage to get them into craft beer. For the seasoned experts, Summer Rental is begging for the cocktail treatment. Start by adding a shot of a boldy botanical gin for a quick and delicious gin radler.

Consider this Summer Rental’s RSVP to every pool party, cookout, family reunion, fireworks display, baseball game, boat trip, crab feast and game of beach blanket Bingo you’re hosting this summer. And don’t forget to save room in the rooftop cargo carrier for a couple cases before you hit the road to your summer vacation destination. It can be found everywhere Flying Dog is sold.*

*Jimmy Buffett anthology sold separate



Freedom of speech is the last defense against tyranny. We are a nation more divided than ever, but defending our right to freedom of expression — established by the Founding Fathers of our nation — is a bipartisan fight we should all embrace. 

Defending the name and original Ralph Steadman art of Raging Bitch against an unconstitutional ban in the State of Michigan, we are no strangers to playing this kind of defense. First Amendment issues affect all aspects of our lives, including (and definitely not limited to) the beer that we drink and the music we listen to.

On Sunday, the 1st Amendment Society will host a live performance by The Slants, a Portland-based all-Asian American dance-rock band, that is currently awaiting a Supreme Court ruling over a request to trademark their name, which was originally denied by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The Slants have formed an identity “to take on stereotypes that people have about us, like slanted eyes, and own them.” Embracing and owning a slur as a form of empowerment is their fundamental right, and should not be denied by self-appointed bureaucrats. Denial of a trademark registration has serious consequences for artists, just as banning the sale of a beer greatly affects a small, independent craft brewery. For more insight into the work being done by The Slants, check out Bassist Simon Tam’s Ted Talk

The Slants will perform at the brewery this Sunday, April 16 at 6 pm. For best results, we recommend having a Raging Bitch in hand throughout the show, which is free and open to the public.



Our groundbreaking (literally, first of its kind) Firkin Friday series returns to Charm City with the Original Gangster, Snake Dog IPA.

In 2012, Snake Dog was the first craft beer in Baltimore baseball history, so we’ll be feeling a bit nostalgic this Friday. Stop by The Flying Dog Grille in section 29, stock up on Chesapeake Waffle Fries and wash them down with our cask-conditioned deliciousness at every Friday home game all season long.



25 years of Oriole Park at Camden Yards have given us countless memories: Cal passing Lou, Snake Dog IPA being the first craft beer served, Jeffrey Maier’s half-assed attempt at a catch, crab dip waffle fries, and, of course, the ’93 All-Star Game Celebrity Home Run Derby where Tom Selleck was the only member of the Hollywood snowflakes to go yard.

In 2017, we’re adding to the list with more beer in the stadium than ever before…and just in time for the first Orioles’ World Series championship since 1983. You heard it here first.

Start the season off right with our Opening Day party in the breezeway of the Hilton Baltimore with beer flowing starting at 10 am. #BaltimoreBreakfast. If you bleed orange, replenish with Bloodline Blood Orange Ale. We’ll also have Snake Dog 20th Anniversary IPA, Numero Uno Agave Cerveza and Doggie Style Pale Ale on draft.

And here’s where you can track down Flying Dog throughout Camden Yards at every game this season (in addition to your favorite hawkers delivering ice-cold beer like Herculean Amazon drones):

Eutaw Street

  • Rooftop Bar: Bloodline, Snake Dog
  • Roma Grill: Snake Dog
  • Craft Beer Row: Bloodline, Snake Dog and Dead Rise (beginning in May)
  • Dempsey’s: Gonzo, The Truth and Dead Rise (beginning in May) 

Main Concourse

  • Flying Dog Grill: Bloodline, Snake Dog, Numero Uno, Raging Bitch and Dead Rise (beginning in May) Also home to Firkin Fridays, starting on April 7
  • Free State Pub: Bloodline, Snake Dog, Numero Uno, Raging Bitch and Dead Rise (beginning in May) 
  • Free State Express: Bloodline, Snake Dog, Numero Uno, Bloodline, Raging Bitch and Dead Rise (beginning in May) 

Club Level

  • All Star Cafe: Snake Dog
  • Club Bar 211: Snake Dog
  • Club Orange Bar: Snake Dog
  • Suites (look at you, baller): Snake Dog, Numero Uno

Upper Deck

  • Seafood Stand: Snake Dog and Dead Rise (beginning in May)
  • Craft Beer Row: Bloodline, Snake Dog, Numero Uno and Dead Rise (beginning in May)
  • Bloodline, Snake Dog, Numero Uno and Dead Rise (beginning in May)

Don’t have tickets to the game? There’s still beer to be drank and baseball to be watched. Meet us at:

  • Pickles for $3 Numero Unos, $3.50 Snake Dog 16-oz cans and $4 Bloodline on nitro
  • Bullpen for $4 Snake Dog 16-oz cans
  • Frank & Nick’s for $4 Flying Dogs
  • Hightopps for $3 Snake Dogs
  • Five at Christopher Daniel for $4 Flying Dogs
  • Corner Stable for $3.50 Numero Unos



With notes of fig, apricot and lemon, Tamarind is an ingredient our brewmaster has wanted to work with for years. So the stars have never been more aligned than when our cellarman Jake Beamer threw a tamarind-infused English brown ale into the ring during last year’s Brewhouse Rarities pitch session.

Beamer stumbled upon tamarind beverages while aimlessly scanning the shelves of an international grocery for unique and interesting ingredients (as brewers are apt to do). For the uninitiated, the tamarind tree, which grows in tropical regions, produces a pod-like fruit with large seeds and a sticky pulp. These guys have an intensely tart flavor and are commonly used to make thirst-quenching beverages similar to lemonade. 

(Tamarind, according to Google)

Beamer initially deliberated on the beer style that would pair well with this unique ingredient before settling on an English brown ale. The idea was to use a medium malt body as well as fruity esters from the British yeast strain and a hint of earthy Goldings hops. The tamarind flavor is not in the foreground of this beer; it’s subtle and perfectly intermingles with the cast of other flavors.

Tamarind Ale will be unleashed in our tasting room on Friday, March 17. Stop by and shake Beamer’s hand, pick his brain on our firkin program and listen to the concepts behind his specialty made firkins for the release party, which include:

  • Tamarind Ale with additional tamarind
  • Snake Dog IPA with Meco Chipotles
  • St. EADman Abbey Ale with mango

We’ll see you on the 17th, or you can track down Tamarind Ale today with our Beer Finder.




On Saturday, for the first time ever, we let 50 cases of our Sub Rosa Dark and Stormy Ale into the world. 300 lucky fans now have a 4-pack of Dark and Stormy at home to help get them through our upcoming “paralyzing blizzard“. In fairness, we did warn you these would sell out, but if you missed our first Sub Rosa can release, take a deep breath, we’ve got more releases planned.  

The beers selected for our Sub Rosa series are pitched in tandem with our Brewhouse Rarities at an annual mountain retreat. Our tasting room MacGyver, Kyle, developed Dark and Stormy Ale to showcase a perfect balance of vanilla, cinnamon and molasses alongside the lime and ginger.

The Dark and Stormy VIP group took advantage of early access to Dark and Stormy Ale, as well as some face time and a Q&A with the brewer and the brains behind the concept.

Once shrouded in the secrecy of our tasting room, this year’s Sub Rosa releases will be available in 4-packs of 16-oz cans. With the limited capacity of our pilot system, only 50 cases of each will be produced. 
This year’s Sub Rosa series includes:

May 6: Lactose IPA
June 17: Negroni IPA
July 29: House Rules
September 9: Apricot Sour
October 21: Mustard IPA
December 9: Smoked Sour


Taste the beer with the brewer and brains behind the concept.
$12 registration includes early access and a 4-pack of the Sub Rosa release.

Limit one 4-pack per person. $12 each.

Lactose IPA VIP registration opensuntappd April 22 at 11:15 AM to the first 40 people.



Every once in a great while, the time comes when we feel the need to celebrate the achievements of a three-time Playgirl cover model. Luckily for you, that time is now.

On Friday, March 24 Tom Selleck-Con comes to Flying Dog. That’s right, we’re getting all Magnum PI up in this bitch with an evening dedicated to the fashion and facial hair of our favorite avocado farmer. The $5 ticket price guarantees you a night of Detroit debauchery with more exposed chest hair than the belly-flop contest on the Carnival Pride.  In addition to reserving your spot, you’ll be taking home a signature Selleck-Con Mustache glass and your first beer is on us. We’ll also have a life tour, props from his eclectic range of roles, and the man himself* will greet you as you enter our over-the-top celebration of the only other man your mother has thought about since 1983. 

Come in costume. Spots are limited and these tickets will sell out.

*Alternative facts.

Who: Tom Selleck
What: Mustache
Where: Flying Dog Brewery – 4607 Wedgewood Blvd. Frederick, MD 21704
When: Friday, March 24 from 5 pm – 8 pm.
Why: You know damn well why.
Spaces are limited, book today. This event is SOLD OUT.

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