Holiday shopping with a beer in hand is now at your fingertips: 

Retro Knit Hat

Aaah, the knit hat puff ball. Like the gall bladder, it’s a seemingly useless vessel that contributes neither to warmth nor function. But you know what? It looks awesome. And that’s reason enough for us. $18 and available now

Bat Country Hoodie

“We can’t stop here. This is Bat Country.” The advice of Raoul Duke stops short when it comes to staying warm and pledging your allegiance to the People’s Republic of Flying Dog. (All other words of wisdom and warning still ring true.) $42 and available now.

Women’s Crest Hoodie

A young Danish viking, at the tender age of 13, took refuge from the long nights on the longship by carving designs into the ship’s floorboards by candlelight. On one particularly brutal night at sea, he developed the Flying Dog crest, carried on by generations, and now by female craft beer fans everywhere. $48 and available now.

Fall Classic Tee

In 1990, the Simpsons debuted, the Hubble Space Telescope was launched, and Mille Vanilla’s lip-synching led to its Grammy being revoked. It was also when the Flying Dog Brewpub was founded outside of Aspen, Colorado. Pay homage to our origin with this throwback tee. $25 and available now.

Shock and Awe Tee

The doctrine of rapid dominance has been decreed. Power, awareness, dominance, and spectacular displays of force: There is no other way to effectively SHOCK AND AWE. (Aside from sporting this t-shirt, of course.) $25 and available now.



Our friends at Union Beer Distributors and all of the NYC-area bars and restaurants they support were rocked earlier this week by Hurricane Sandy. 

They support us everyday by spreading the gospel of Gonzo and craft beer on the streets of New York. The least we can do is share with our People’s Republic of Flying Dog how we can all help them rebuild: 

What does Hurricane Sandy mean to NYC restaurants? 

The obvious “worst of it” are places that were decimated by flooding and extreme wind. But those left standing are facing monumental loss from lack of refrigeration and more. This summary from First We Feast puts it all in perspective.

From behind the bar: On the aftermath

If you’re having trouble imagining how barmen and women in the most famous island in the world are faring, dive into this first-hand account of one man reopening after the storm (via Serious Eats).

6 things you can do right now to help Sandy-damanged restaurants 

Simple gestures like tipping well, spreading your spending, and sharing your knowledge of disaster relief programs can make a huge difference for places who are trying to reopen their doors. Get more details on Grub Street NY.



States of Emergency have been declared, but like a good boy scout, you’re always prepared with an arsenal of canned goods and craft beer to keep you well fed and hydrated through the storm.

Always thinking with our chef’s hats on, we’ve taken it one step further with the following beer and non-perishable pairings that will turn your hurricane hideout into the culinary center of the universe: 

Tomato paste with Old Scratch Amber Lager

Everyone’s favorite canned paste is rich in lycopene, which helps prevent prostate cancer. And pairing this wonder-food with our Amber Lager creates an umami amalgamation of caramel malt and sweet tomato richness. Want to kick it up a notch? Add a sprinkle of tabasco sauce (as long as it doesn’t require opening that fridge during a power outage). 

Creamed corn with UnderDog Atlantic Lager 

Having the two of these together, with UnderDog’s crisp biscuit malt notes and the complex cream-and-corn combination, literally creates cornbread in your mouth. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. 

Tuna with Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale 

This protein powerhouse of a pairing is best served with your favorite “no need to refrigerate until opened” condiment. Mayo, Miracle Whip, pickle relish, even a little BBQ sauce will bring out the best in both the hand-crafted beer and delicately-processed fish product. What to do with said condiment once opened? Warren Buffett once said, “risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.” 

Cranberry Sauce paired with K-9 Cruiser Winter Ale 

There are no two sweeter sounds in the English language than the crisp snap of a beer being opened and the half-fart, half-slurp sound of cranberry sauce escaping the confines of the can, yet still retaining its original shape. And the Christmas spice of this year’s K-9 Winter Ale combined with sweet cranberry will make you feel like your cozying up next to a fire, even if you’re huddled in a damp, dark basement. 



When we sat down with musician Kenny Liner to chat about this Saturday’s Believe in Music benefit concert, he explained that “being in a band was a selfish way to appreciate music.”

Given that Liner was in one of Baltimore’s most notable bands – The Bridge – for 10 years, many may disagree with his sentiment. However, when The Bridge decided to part ways in 2011, Liner was at a crossroads.

Moving to Portland, Oregon to “figure out what I wanted to do with my life,” Liner quickly realized how much he missed his hometown of Baltimore and how desperately he wanted to give back to the community that supported him for those 10 years. 

That was when Liner founded Believe in Music, a foundation aimed to uplift underprivileged Baltimore City students through music education. “I have a lot of friends who are city teachers,” Liner explained. “They talk about the lack of funding for music programs and how the current system isn’t connecting with children.” 

In fact, Baltimore City is often cited as the most under-funded school system in Maryland and music programs in over half of the city’s public schools have been cut entirely. 

Partnering with the Living Classrooms Foundation, Liner established music classes for elementary and middle school-aged students at two youth centers in East Baltimore. He examined the Maryland state music education curriculum and rewrote it to be more accommodating to these students, the majority of whom live in public housing. 

“Since instruments aren’t available in city schools, I created programs that involve hip hop, dance, beat boxing, singing, and marching,” he said. “This teaches the same musical concepts, but is way more accessible to these kids.” 

To say that we were blown away by Liner and the Believe in Music program is an understatement. He is a true artist who not only expresses his art through music, but encourages that same expression in others – the embodiment of supporting local creativity.

We’re partnering with Liner on a benefit concert for Believe in Music this Saturday, October 27 at the Maryland Science Center. For one-night only, The Bridge will perform a reunion show, along with a rooftop DJ lounge and craft beer from yours truly.

Tickets are still on sale for our Believe in Music benefit show. You can also get involved with Believe in Music and make a donation on the foundation’s website.  




Beer So Hard University is now in session. 

Starting Sunday October 14, as Baltimore takes on Dallas, beer from yours truly will be available in the stadium. 

Coming off the heels of a great partnership with Oriole Park at Camden Yards, we’re stoked to give Baltimore sports another dose of Maryland craft beer. 

Available exclusively at a storefront in the lower concourse of the stadium (section 117, gate B), our starting lineup includes UnderDog Atlantic Lager, Snake Dog IPA, and Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale — all season long.

Heading to the game? Keep your eye out for this bad boy: 



UPDATE: Tickets are sold out. 

Halloween is about more than boob-baring costumes and egging the houses of neighbors who give out unsalted popcorn balls. 

Your favorite Halloween Bash is back and tickets are just $10. Here’s what that Hamilton gets you:

  • The Beers: A slate of killer (literally) limited releases including our Brewhouse Rarities series, Dogtoberfest Marzen, The Fear Imperial Pumpkin Ale, and more. (All beers purchased a la carte.)
  • The Entertainment: After you’ve taken a turn bobbing for apples in an cauldron of IPA, hip hop mixologists Chocolate Bronson will spin a set of pop favorites infused with Halloween beats. 
  • The Costumes: Since the invention of the Internet, the excuse of not having a good costume idea just won’t do. A $150 cash prize will go to the best dressed guy and girl.

Tickets are on sale now. Only 100 are available online, so get them before they sell out. 



Ralph Steadman “learnt to draw to try to change the world.”

Now, the world has a glimpse into life of one of the most prolific artists of our time…For No Good Reason

Narrated by Ralph’s longtime friend Johnny Depp, “For No Good Reason” is a visually explosive yet intimate portrait of the Gonzo legend. Director Charlie Paul spent over 15 years compiling footage, working with animators to bring the art to life, and meticulously crafting the story of Ralph STEADman. 

“For No Good Reason” is premiering tomorrow night at the BFI London Film Festival. We’ll keep the Republic posted on any screenings stateside. 



If there’s one thing we Americans love, it’s freedom. We also love big screen TVs, muscle t-shirts, multi-pound burgers, and free shit. 

Let’s focus on the latter and show those Scots how it’s done during the International Arms Race. 

The first 25 people to cast their vote at our International Arms Race events with BrewDog next week get a free t-shirt:

Need to know where to go? 



Not to sound braggy, but we haven’t seen a more epic list of dates and events in poster format since Journey’s 2011 North American tour with Foreigner and Night Ranger:

Baltimore Beer Week is upon us yet again and we’re pulling out all of the stops on our own journey to Charm City domination. 

Here’s a complete list of everything we have going on (sans a few scheduled naps and potty breaks). Click on any event name below for more details:

Friday, October 19

Saturday, October 20 
Sunday, October 21
Monday, October 22



East meets West when Flying Dog CEO Jim Caruso and Lagunitas co-founder Tony Magee square off in Times Square. These alpha dogs are taking over the taps at Beer Authority (300 West 40th St.) with all of the night’s proceeds benefitting Animal Haven – a local Manhattan dog shelter

The beer will be flowing by 5 pm and Jim and Tony will lead an informal Q&A session on the rooftop bar at 6:30 pm. Just $5 will get you a custom Flying Dog/Lagunitas pint glass and $1 off each pint from either brewery until 10 pm. Styles include: 

Flying Dog

  • UnderDog Atlantic Lager
  • Raging Bitch Belgian-Style IPA
  • Snake Dog IPA
  • Wildeman Farmhouse IPA
  • Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale
  • Dogtoberfest Marzen
  • Woody Creek Belgian White
  • The Fear Imperial Pumpkin Ale (on cask)
  • Lagunitas IPA
  • New Dogtown Pale Ale
  • Czech-Style Pils
  • Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale
  • Daytime IPA 
  • Little Sumpin’ Wild Ale
  • Hop Stoopid Ale 
  • Maximus IPA (on cask)
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